Family Fun For (F)all

Week 12 Updates

This Week

We continued with our fall unit and talking about Thanksgiving! For art time, we made cornucopias, pumpkin pies, and trees by painting leaves and gluing them to paper towel rolls. We followed direction concepts by putting turkeys and leaves beside, on top, under, and next to various objects in our books. We also did some turkey/scarecrow patterning, traced letters with cars, made houses out of various shapes, and decorated leaves by rolling golf balls through paint. During circle time, we read books about moms and dads, and took turns sharing pictures of our families to our friends!

We played in the farm and made different foods with pumpkin play-doh in the dramatic play area. We had fun playing musical chairs, duck duck goose, and walking in a line around the school with our friends from Room 4. We also rolled down the hill and pretended to ride horses together!

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Next Week

One more week until Thanksgiving break! We will continue to discuss fall, families, and Thanksgiving....A friendly reminder to please send in family pictures if you have not done so already. So far the kids have loved showing off their photos and learning about each others parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc!