Purple Dot December

Purple Dot = $1000+ Trunk Show

How do we sell our jewelry best? We get our customers in front of it, and then they go crazy. We have 20 trunk shows booked as a team for the month of December and that is just awesome! Let's hostess coach to the max and really optimize the 40+, 10, 3, 2, 1 system. Set a goal with your hostess to get 10 attending guests to your show.

Don't have a trunk show booked? It's not too late! Book your own trunk show at your house, find a salon to pop up at, or schedule an in office trunk show. Do you know any Human Resource Mangers or Office Managers that can be your gate keeper into their office?

Let's rock our trunk shows this month! For every purple dot trunk show that you have in your pipeline for December, I will enter your name to win $100 product credit!

Work on your hostess coaching and selling training in SDU at http://sdu.stelladot.com/content/hostess-coaching-5
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