Mark Goffeney and my job

A real hero

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Mark Goffeney is an American man born in 1969 without any arms but he can play the guitar very well, drive a car normally and also change a baby dieper. All of this with his feet.

He went to a musical High School and asked people what is important to play an instrument ant everyone said things like studies… Then he talked to a boy to take his fake arms and throw. When he removed them , Mark started to play the guitar. All students were surprised

He works as a street musician. A typical working day for a street musician means starting work at 9:00 and finishing at 00:00 and also 1:00 or 2:00. A street musician works in a different street everyday.

To be a street musician you need play music and sing skills.

I´d hate to be a street musician because maybe is too difficult to earn money. I´d prefer to be a Rapper because is a job i´d really enjoy and is my ideal.

Here we can find a Mark´s song called --We are the same--played with his feet!

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Mark E Goffeney

We Are the Same by Mark E Goffeney