Singapore, Singapore

The Best Place for New Memories and Expereinces!

The Must Knows!

It Feels Like Summer All Year!

I'd bring cool clothes to Singapore if I were you! The average temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit, and it is very humid there. Be sure to bring an umbrella if you don't want to get rained on as well.

Send Your Taste Buds On An Adventure!

Only the best food are served in Singapore! You might look in the fridge and find porridge or roti prata, which are fried flour-based pancakes that are cooked over a flat grill, for breakfast. If you get hungry while walking around Singapore, lots of restaurants will have chicken or fish. For dinner, you will probably have rice because it is a very popular food in Singapore. I know that when you try these foods, you will be hooked on them.

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Oh, Those Wonderful Words!

Singapore is a great place to learn new languages! Most people in Singapore will speak Chinese, Malay or English and since there are multiple languages, there is a made up language in Singapore that is a mix of English, Malay and Chinese, it is called "Singlish." The national language of Singapore is Malay but the official is Chinese. Also, some people in Singapore will laugh if they're embarrassed so be careful who you laugh around. So, bring a translator and be ready for a new way of speaking!

The Entertainment!

Ancient Arts and History!

Singapore is a great place for theater and art. There are lots of Chinese operas, Malay dramas and Singapore's orchestras! There is also a dance called the Lion Dance in Singapore. Did you know that Singapore used to be called "Temesek" but was renamed "Singapura" which means "Lion city" because of the animals there? Singapore is a very interesting place to learn about, you just have to check it out!

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Singapore's Leisure!

Singapore is a great place for outdoor activities. Since Singapore is surrounded by water, it is a great place to go snorkeling. It is also the perfect place to go camping. If you don't like camping or snorkeling, having a picnic in the park on a bright, sunny day would be a fabulous idea.

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Peaceful Fields and Busy Cities!

Have you ever enjoyed sitting in a large field? Singapore has lots of those, it also has rain forests and swamps. Singapore also has lots of parks, Merlion Park is the actual icon of Singapore! There are also large, busy cities there too. Whether you're looking for a calm day in a field or an exciting day in the city, Singapore has it all.

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