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March 2, 2018

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Our education system too often seems to be based around the idea that academic performance, and academic performance alone, is what leads to success. We tell our students that success in school will lead to success in life. Standardized tests are the epitomy of this belief — defining a student’s achievement, success, graduation status, on the results of a few hours of testing.

As crazy as the statements above may sound, they are the message our policy makers are sending to us and we in turn we may be sending to our students. Research supports that helping people feel like they matter, and what they do and what they say is important, will do far more to create a mindset of success than any testing results. It has to start with building relationships with our students. Positive relationships with students provide us with opportunities to to motivate and inspire throughout the school year AND at state testing times. Without these positive relationships, our efforts as educators in the classroom, in the hallways, during testing will never lead to success.

As we continue through our spring testing, take time to reflect on the relationships you have built with your students this year. Do they know you care and want the best for them? Do they believe that you believe in them? Do they know the feeling of success? Please take time to remind them that while we want them all to try their hardest and do their very best, their value comes from who they are, not from how they perform in a few hours of testing.

Thanks for your showing our kids you care this week and getting them ready to "Rock" ISTEP!

If you would like to take part in the Cougar Health Challenge, please click on the link below and enter your name on a team. If you don't have 4 team members, just enter your name and we will work out a teams later.

Extra-Curricular Contracts

Please have extra-curricular contracts signed and returned by Monday, March 5th.

Upcoming Events

3/16 - 10th Grade ISTEP Celebration

3/19 - Grades 6-8 ISTEP Celebration

3/19 - Get Schooled Tour (Jr High 12:30 & Sr High 1:45)

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Thanks for your commitment to our kids this week!