All Fall Down

By Ally Carter


Grace Blakely has been a disaster ever since she saw her mother's death three years ago because no one believes that she saw her mom get shot. At age sixteen with no where else to live, Grace moves in with her grandpa at the U.S. Embassy in the country of Adria. Her grandpa is the ambassador for the United States, and they live in Embassy Row, which has embassies from many other countries. Grace's new life at Embassy Row is full of many exciting surprises.
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Why I recommend this book

I recommend this book, All Fall Down, because it is a good read that constantly keeps the reader wanting to continue reading more.

The first reason that I think other people should read this book is because of the main character, Grace. Here are my reasons why. The author, Ally Carter, creates a sympathy for Grace that eventually turns into a bond between the reader and the main character. Due to her mother's tragic death, I created an empathy for her. Grace is a character that most modern teenagers easily connect with because she isn't always taken seriously by adults. Grace has a lot of sass similar to that of many young adults today. Also, Grace Blakely's sarcastic and impulsive personality is humorous, and she keeps the reader interested in the book.

The second reason that I would recommend this book is because the story line and setting is very original compared to other young adult books. This is the first book that I've read where it ties in mystery, post traumatic stress, and diplomacy together. I like all aspects of this book, and it ties together reality with humor and a murderer mystery. I also love the setting in this book and so have other previous readers. All Fall Down takes place on Embassy Row where multiple embassies, each representing a different country, are next to each other. It's exactly how you would imagine an embassy, everyone is very polite to one another, but if you end up in the wrong embassy, you could start a war.

The third reason that I enjoyed this book was because of the minor characters and their relationships with Grace. One of my favorite people in this book is Grace's best friend, Noah, who is half Israeli and half Brazilian. He's a total dork, but he's the best friend anyone could ask for. Megan and Rosie are both Grace's friends, too. They're fearless and loyal to Grace. Together, all four friends make an unstoppable team.

These are only a few of the many reasons why I enjoyed, All Fall Down, and why I think that you should read this book.