I know that i am named after my baba who is named after his baba. Nickos (Nick) is named after st nicholas whos feast day is december 6th.

It is ancienct greek and it mean Nicholas.

I think my name is a good representation of who i am because Niki (Nicoletta) is a Greek name and i am proud to be greek orthrodox christian. I would have chosen the name Maria, Athanasia, Korina, or Eleni.

A lot of people call me "Nike" because sometimes when they are typing my name it would automatically change it to that. The bad thing that come out of my name is that at my old school everyone would call me "nik." so now that i am at a school with boys who are named nick, when teachers call on them i think they are calling on me.

It makes me feel proud to have the name niki.


-April 12,2000

5,110 DAYS

Full moon

Sunny in the morning, then got stormy

Brendan Urie: Singer

-Jennifer Morrison: Tv Actress

-Christina Moore: Tv Actress

-Brooklyn Decker: Model

-David Letterman:Tv show host

2009 - President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian National Authority makes a courtesy phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, restarting the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue

2009 - 73rd Golf Masters Championship: Ángel Cabrera wins, shooting a 276

2010 - A train derailed near Merano, Italy, after running into a landslide, causing nine deaths and injuring 28 people.

2012 - A ceasefire in the 2011-2012 Syrian uprising comes into effect

2012 - Bodleian, Oxford University and Vatican libraries announce over 1.5 million pages of ancient texts will be made available across the internet

2012 - Civilian rule in Mali is returned after Dioncounda Traore is sworn in as interim president

2013 - 11 people are killed and 30 are injured in mosque attacks across Iraq

2013 - A man-made 32-foot and 60 tonne monument that is dates around 2000 BC is discovered in the Sea of Galilee

2014 - The new drug, ABT-450, with a 90-95% success rate for treating Hepatitis C, is announced

a postage stamp: 3 cents

a luxury car: 48,000-


1. This is a piece of tree from Thessaloniki, Greece. My Yiayia (Grandmother) was telling me how you could pick a piece of wood, and get ur saint who you are named afte painted on to it. The saint that she chose was The Panagia aka The virgin Mary. My yiayias mama was named after her as well.

2. These two dolls are from greece. They show what the traditional dance stole (costume) is.

3. This a picture of my Mom and her brother, (my theo) during christmas time. I find it neat how my yiayia still has these pictures from when they were this young

4. This is a picture of my Papou and his family in their xorio( village) My mom said it brings back memories of her Yaiyia and Papou

5.This next piece, is what my mom had in her room as a child. She bought this doll in germany on the way back from greece

6. For this next peice, no one really knew how to describe it, or where it came from. But they did say its been with them since they moved here.

7. This ks a greek vase from athens that my yiayia brought back with her last year.

8. This is a picture of my baba, theo, and thea (aunt and uncle) when they were little in greece.

9.The picture is of my mama, and her family in their xorio when she was a little girl

i asked my mama if she remembers greece, and she says she remebers it like the back of her hand, and that it will always be that way which i though was really cool.

10 This final picture is of my Papous baba in the Greek Army. My yiayia said that every male when they turn 18, have to go into the army.

I really enjoyed looking through this type of stuff because it traves back to my roots. Also it shows how valuable things can be to someone for such a long period of time.


A: Adaptable - I am good with ajusting, or adapting to knew things

B: Bold- I am brave in everything i do

C: Courageous- willing to try new things

D: deformed- my rib sticks out

E: ellagant- always try my best to be classy

F: free- able to live the way i want


H: helpful- always there when people need a friend

I : intellegent- im smart sometimes;)

J:justly- always just

K:kind- always nice to people

L:loving- never hated anyone

M:motherly- am like people mom cause i tell them what to do



S:sarcastic- says jokes all the time
Y:young- young and living life



Friendship Chapter

Niki Nazirides

I have two different friend groups: My school friends, and my greek friends.

My best friends at school are Maggie, Grace, Skyalr, Mary, Caroline, Tina, Molly, and Eloise.

All of these girls all were very welcoming to me when i first came to penncrest, and we have been friends ever since. We hangout at my house, or we go out to eat.

Best friends in the greek community are (very long list) Eleni, Tasa, Georgeea, Athanasia, Maria, Katerina, and Dia

I see these girls almost every single day of my life. They either come over to my house, or i go over to theres. Normally when i see them i am church helping out with the greek school, or have dance practice. I consider these girls my sisters!

Having all of these girls in my life make me feel like i have a special place in their heart. I feel like we can all relate to eachother, and tell eachother everything without the feeling like your going to be judged.

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