Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade 4/29/16

Language Arts

Focus this week:

* Discussing the themes and characters in Tale of Despereaux

* Plural nouns vs. plural possessive nouns

* Began stories to be published

* Spelling test on Monday

Next week:

* Continuing with our novel

* Spelling test on Tuesday

* Stories

Social Studies

Focus this week:

* Midwest map

* State research

* Posters of map

Next week:

* Finish the chapter on MW

* review for MW test - May 12

* State research

Teacher's Note

* Field trip to Ft. Ligonier is Friday - we leave the school around 8:45 and return to school around 4:30. I'll keep in touch with the school in case we have any delays (traffic).

* May calendars will go home on Monday