Ms. Monaghan's Message - January 17

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Important Upcoming Dates

January 20: No School, MLK Day

January 26: Catholic Schools Week Mass; Open House

January 27 - 31: Catholic Schools Week

January 31: Grandparents Day, Noon Dismissal

Annual Diocesan Survey

Our school is always trying improve its ability to serve our mission. As part of the improvement process, we annually collect survey data from our stakeholder groups (parents, staff, and students). Your opinion about the performance of our school is important to us and so we ask that you click on the link below and take the time to complete this important survey. The survey was designed by AdvancEd, our accreditation association, that serves public and non-public schools.

Some items on the survey use ‘school leadership’. When you see ‘school leadership’, you should think of the principal. Some items use ‘school governing body’. When you see ‘school governing body’, you should think of the ‘Pastor and Principal’ as a team.

Thanks for giving your time in completing this important survey and giving us an opportunity to learn and grow!

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Snow Days

I know that Snow Days can be a real bummer to parents. Just because we don't have school, doesn't mean your boss doesn't expect you to show up to work, right? I get it, which is why I never take the decision to have or not have school lightly. In fact, I would say making a decision about a snow day is my least favorite thing to do.

It's a delicate balance. I know that if we are going to cancel, getting advanced notice the night before allows parents to make arrangements for their kids the next day. However, that often means making a decision based upon a weather prediction - which can really go either way and puts a lot of trust in the forecast.

Regardless of the decision, it isn't one I make alone. Snow cancellations are always done in collaboration with the northland Catholic schools, including St. Pius. Typically, we all make the decision together. That being said, there have been days in the past when we have attended school when the others have canceled, because our circumstances have been different. Even with this collaboration, I often find myself out driving roads in the early hours of the morning to ensure that our students/families can arrive safely before making a final decision. If the forecast calls for something that could be seriously dangerous, I will always choose not to put myself in that dangerous position.

When it comes down to it, St. Patrick School will always err on the side of student safety. I would much rather look stupid for canceling on a day that the forecast was incorrect than suffering tragedy for NOT canceling on a day when the forecast was correct. When I'm able, out of respect for our families, I will always make the call the night before to give you plenty of time to make arrangements for your children the next day.

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It's a Snow Day and My Child is Driving Me Crazy! Now what????

I hear you, I've been there. Even though my "baby" is 17, I'm still there when the days get long. Below, you will find links to activities you can do with your child on these "cabin fever" inducing days.

Flat Bishop Johnston Contest: Catholic Schools Week 2020

To celebrate Catholic Schools week this year our diocesan schools will focus on “Growing God’s Family” (the theme from the new vision statement for the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph) and “Our Family” (the theme from the 2019‐20 school year). To do this the Catholic Schools office (CSO) is asking each student/family to take a photo with Flat Bishop Johnston.

Photos should include the family and Flat Bishop doing something together, preferably faith related. Some examples are:

 Eating together as a family

 Saying the rosary

 Attending Mass or prayer service

 Reading the bible

 Other Family activity

After you have taken your family photo, email the photo to

Photos will only be accepted between January 20th and January 30th at noon. Only one photo per student will be accepted. Multiple students in one family can be submitted in one photo/email, be sure to list all student names and grades in the email.

 Email must contain the following information

o School you attend

o Student(s) Name

o Grade(s)

o Does the CSO have permission to use the photo on Social Media and our Website?

The school with the highest percentage of students participating will receive a special visit from Bishop Johnston who will award the school an extra day off school! Bishop Johnston and the Catholic Schools Office look forward to your participation and encourage you to spend time with your family during Catholic Schools week. For additional questions contact your school, or the CSO at 816‐714‐2349 or

This letter and your very own Flat Bishop will be coming home in your child's backpack today. We hope that all St. Patrick Families participate in this fun filled activity!

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St. Patrick School

The mission of St. Patrick School is to develop young men and women with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Encouragement is given to students to bring their lives into conformity with God's will and plan, so that He is glorified.