Duke TIP - Summer eSTudies 2013

Reflections on Orientation and Module 1

Let's Introduce Ourselves!

Here are a Few Highlights from Our Introductions Forum!

Cheryl - " I play golf for my school and I enjoy reading and watching movies in my free time. I am currently on a mission trip in China right now, so that is very exciting for me; I will be helping at an orphanage in Beijing."

Robert - "I'm on my high school's cross country team so I like to run. I am also a science junkie. I like to hear about cytology, genetics, and other biology topics. Additionally, this will be my third Duke TIP course (1: Molecules, Genes, and Proteins 2: Fundamentals of Chemistry)." Welcome back to Duke TIP, Robert!

Fred - "If I could travel anywhere it would have to be Russia. I always enjoyed learning about Russia and sooner or later I hope to find a way to learn Russian."

Why Write in the Digital Age?

Here's What Some of You Had to Say!

Allie - "Reading and writing go hand-in-hand, so being able to write maturely can help you read mature books. There are places for LOL and TTYL, but academic writing is not, and never will be, one of them."

Sarayu - " An academic writing style allows you to be more expressive and also allows you to use sophisticated and concise language. What you write in your texts, stays in your texts."

Amat - "In my opinion, chat language has mainly evolved because of the character limits in text messages, Twitter and such. These limitations in the amount of characters one can use in a message have caused people to slowly start abbreviating all sorts of words and phrases."

Brook - " When you ask 'Why Write?' it's like asking why some people paint. Yes, we already have books, and paintings. However, we create new writing works and paintings everyday. You need writing like you need oxygen."

Sarah - "It is of utmost importance that our loosening hold on academic writing does not slip, and we have catch on to our rapidly growing text speak. Society would be transformed into a place where people only typed short phrases like “brb”, “ily”, “jk”, “btw” and no one knew how to write professionally. Due to the heavy use of professional writing in many professions, society would be going backwards rather than forwards."

Academic Behaviors - What Do You Suggest?

Neena - "I have never done any online course before, but I am excited to learn as much as I can through this class and meet others that are also involved in this class. I hope that we will all be able to work together and make the best of it."

Caroline - "The type of academic behavior that I would like to see in myself and others is to help each other out or give them advice that you may think could help change their writing. I also think we should all respect everyone's questions or ideas."

Rose - "I think that this course should be a place for everyone to learn. I myself look forward to improving my writing and working with others to do the same."

Sara - "There should be no cheating in this class. Everybody should have to follow an honor code. "

Lindsay - "I'd like everyone to treat each other and the work we do with the same attitude as you would in school. Basically, anything we wouldn't do in real life (i.e. plagiarize, cheat), we can promise not to do here."

Thank you for a great start to our course! Mrs. Cadran