Jenna Paasch // 2B // Magna Carta

Magna Carta // Basic Knowledge

Where: England

When: June 15th, 1215

What: It reduced absolute power of the King, King John the time it was signed, as well as established a parliament, and included basic provisions for civil rights for ordinary citizens.

How: King John was seized at Windsor Castle by his armed and fully armored barons. He was then forced into a meeting with them, where he was presented the Magna Carta for his signature.

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How did it infuence The United States?

  • The Founding Fathers looked to the Magna Carta for what it accomplished and what it left out.
  • Basic rights in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights echo the charter.
  • 14th amendment can also be track it's ancestry back to the Magna Carta
  • 9 of 26 provisions in the Bill of Rights can be traced back to the Magna Carta

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