Terry Branstad


About Branstade

Terry branstade was born, raised,and educated in Iowa. Terry was elected to the Iowa house in 1972.

Terry was Iowas longest serving Governor from the year 1983 to 1999. As the states cheif executive, he weatherd some of Iowa's worst economice troubls during the farm crisis of hte 80's when helping lead our states resurgence to a booming economy in the 90's

Following Branstads 4 terms as Iowa's Governor he went to server as president of DMU(Des Moines Universitey).During Terry's 6 year adventure he was able to grow the unaversaty into a world class educational faclty.It's students offer heath care in all 50 states and every Iowa county while there, he grew enroolment, incresed the eldwoment and intergated new buldings,programes and initiatives.