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October 20, 2019

~ Weather and Recess ~

We will have recess every day. The students go outside unless:

• it is raining.

• the wind chill is 15 degrees or lower.

• there are dangerous weather conditions such as ice, snow, powerful winds, etc.

McIntire will use The Weather Channel Feels Like temperature to make recess determinations. When the students don’t go out, they remain in pre-designated rooms supervised by an adult.

As per the district elementary handbook, the following guidelines are utilized regarding appropriate outerwear:

• 61° and up – No jackets needed.

• 51° to 60° – Jackets are required.

• 16° to 50° – Winter coats are required.

If your child needs a winter coat, please let his/her teacher know. We have lots of unclaimed coats from previous school years that we launder and save for students. Also, if you have coats your family has outgrown, please send them to school so we can redistribute to a child who needs a coat. Thank you!

~ Ask your child about... ~

~ Volunteers in the Fulton School District ~

The Missouri State legislature recently created new requirements for those wishing to volunteer in a school. The new definitions of a volunteer and screened volunteer follow.

Volunteer – Any parent or person in the community who provides uncompensated service to the district. As used in this procedure, a “volunteer” does not include students participating in a district-sponsored program, such as tutoring or acting as an office or teaching assistant.

Screened Volunteer – A volunteer who may periodically be left alone with students. Usually, screened volunteers commit to assist the school on a regular basis. Examples of a screened volunteer include persons who regularly assist in the office or library, mentor or tutor students, coach or supervise a school-sponsored activity before or after school, or chaperone students on an overnight trip.

The preceding definitions and other volunteer information are located in the Board of Education Policy Manual, file IICC-AP(1) School Volunteers. The policy manual is accessed on the FPS web site.

To continue volunteering in areas with school faculty immediately in your presence, such as class parties, providing classroom assistance, and field day assistance has not changed. Process for a volunteer:

Should you choose to volunteer for an activity that you are the adult in contact with a student(s) and not in the immediate presence of school faculty, such as one on one tutoring and class field trips, you will need approval as a screened volunteer. Process for a screened volunteer:

  • Receive preliminary approval from the Building Administrator to be a screened volunteer

  • Complete the Missouri Applicant Fingerprint Privacy Notice

  • Receive instructions and the FPS code ensuring FPS receives your background check results. (The check cost about $45 and is good for six years if the FPS code is used.)

  • Upon review and approval by the Central Office, you may access screened volunteer activities with the approval of the Building Administrator and Classroom Teacher.

We still want, need, and appreciate volunteers in our building. Please follow the above procedures so that you can volunteer at McIntire Elementary.

  • If you are interested in being a screened volunteer and you are willing & able to pay the $45 screening fee, please let us know so she can get you the information you need.

  • If you are interested in being a screened volunteer and you are unable to pay the $45 screening fee, please let us know and we will assist to the extent we are able.

~ This Week at McIntire ~

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~ Upcoming Events ~

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This link will take you to the district calendar so that you know when school is in and out of session.

This link will take you to the district activities calendar.

Please follow @McIntireElementary on Facebook to see photos and updates on what's happening in our building and classrooms. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish for your child's photo to be posted online.

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Arrival at McIntire School

Teachers arrive at McIntire School at 7:40 am unless they have a 7:30 meeting. Therefore, there is no supervision for students who arrive before 7:45 am. Please do not drop students off before 7:45.

We have a before and after-school childcare program (BAC-PAC) for students who need to arrive before 7:45 am. Please call Julie Bell at 590-8080 if you would like to enroll your child in the BAC-PAC program.

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