Tyngsborough Elementary School

August 23, 2017

Welcome to Tyngsborough Elementary School! We are looking forward to another great year. This will be the first of many informative “email blasts” that families will receive throughout the year.

Our goal here at Tyngsborough Elementary School is simple: we strive to create a dynamic learning environment where our students can learn and grow. At TES, we will show our care and commitment for our students through our expectations of them. We expect students to work hard and learn. We expect them to respect one another. We expect our student to do their best. We expect and encourage parents to be equal partners in their children’s learning. We hold ourselves to these same high standards.

We are a large elementary school, but it is our goal to give families the personal attention they deserve. In an effort to achieve this goal, we have established two small learning communities within the building:

• Lower Elementary School: Preschool - Grade 2

• Upper Elementary School: Grade 3 – Grade 5.

Our doors are always open for questions, comments, discussion, or feedback. It is very important for you to know what and how your child is learning. We want you and every staff member to be proud of the great things that are happening here at TES. Because you may have questions about the start of the school year, the following information is provided for your assistance.

Kerry Cavanaugh, Principal Preschool - Grade 5

Erin Sousa, Assistant Principal Preschool-Grade 2

John Salmon, Associate Principal, Grades 3-5

Brian Reilly, Special Education Facilitator Preschool - Grade 5

Important Dates

First Day of School - Grades 1 – 5: The first day of school for students for Grades 1-5 is Tuesday, August 29th.

The first day of school for students in Preschool and Kindergarten is Wednesday, August 30th.

Hours of Operation:

Preschool Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

Half-Day Kindergarten Hours of Operation: 8:50 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Full-Day Kindergarten – Grade 5 Hours of Operation: 8:50 a.m. – 3:06 p.m.

Bus Routes

Dee Bus Company have finalized the preliminary bus routes for the 2017-2018 school year. The routes are posted on our website.


Take a moment to watch this Bus Safety Video with your child(ren).


Attention Kindergarten Parents: Please note that representatives from Dee Bus Company will be here during Orientation on Tuesday, 8/29 to provide bus tours and answer any questions you might have.

Whitsons Food Service

Lunch can be purchased for $2.80.


Important Dates (*Dates are subject to change)


Tuesday, August 29th - 1st Day of School (Grades 1-5)

Tuesday, August 29th - Preschool & Kindergarten Orientation/Open House

@ 9:30 - 10:00 - Last name beginning with A-L

@ 10:30-11:00 - Last name beginning with M-Z


Friday, September 1st - No School

Monday, September 4th - No School

Tuesday, September 5th - Preschool Curbside Drop-Off

Thursday, September 7th - Grades 1-5 Open House @ 5-5:30 - Information Session 1 &

@ 5:30-6 - Information Session 2

Thursday, September 7th - 1st Annual Ice Cream Social @ 6:00-6:45

Wednesday, September 13th - Early Release Day (Preschool Dismissal @ 11:30 & Kindergarten - Grade 5 @ 12:00)

Wednesday, September 20th - O'Connor Studios Picture Day - Preschool - Grade 2

Thursday, September 21st - O'Connor Studios Picture Day - Grades 3-5

Please consider supporting our amazing community groups.




The Tyngsborough Public Schools does not discriminate against students, parents, employees or the general public on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, or age

Message from our Health Office

We have developed these policies to keep our students with potential Life Threatening Food Allergies safe. Strict avoidance of peanut/nut products or other potential Food Allergens is the only way to prevent a life threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your assistance in providing the students with a safe learning environment.

If exposed to peanuts/nuts or any other potential food allergens these students may develop a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. The greatest potential for exposure at school is to peanut products and nut products. We do indeed have students with other Food Allergies including milk/dairy eggs, soy, sesame seed, pork, beef, shellfish, strawberries etc. We concentrate on Peanut/ Tree Nut exclusions as they are the most prevalent and carry a higher risk of severe anaphylaxis that may occur at this age level.

At TES, we have a protocol of Instructional/Preventative Measures related to Life Threatening Allergies, the TES School Council has adopted this. This protocol requests that your child bring a peanut/nut free snack to be eaten in the classroom. (At times we may request to exclude other Food Allergens also)

If your child should have a peanut/nut containing snack they may have to eat at a separate table/area.

**There may be several classes that require a totally peanut/nut free snack due to the severity of the allergy, we may at times need to exclude other Food Allergens from classrooms also. Individual classes would be then notified.

Since lunch is eaten in the cafeteria, your child may bring peanut or nut products including peanut butter for lunch. In the cafeteria there will be several peanut/nut free tables, other allergen free tables would be added as needed Students with allergies may sit there as well as any friend/classmate who buy a school lunch. School Lunches are Peanut/Nut free.

*All Students who eat lunch products containing peanuts/tree nuts or fish MUST USE HAND WIPES PROVIDED BEFORE LEAVING THE CAFETERIA. These are located on the window shelves/shelves. Then they need to wash their hands in the restrooms. This plan will help maintain safety in the school while allowing non-allergic classmates to have peanut/nut, fish products if desired in a controlled environment. Our Custodial Staff will clean the ALLERGEN FREE TABLES with separate materials.

Once again students are prohibited from sharing snacks, lunches, and/or drinks. We do have in place a “NO RANDOM FOOD POLICY”. Food may NOT be brought to school by parents or students to be distributed to other students. If food is to be served during the school day for a special occasion, parents would be notified in advance of the specifics and a signed permission slip would be required for participation.

We appreciate your anticipated support of these procedures. If you have any questions you may call the: TES Health Office at 978-649-1990 ext 9130 or 9120.

Required Health Information

All Allergy and Life Threatening Action Plans are due back ASAP

Re-newel Paperwork was sent with report cards in June.

Asthma Action Plans are also due, these forms may come in when it is anticipated students would need asthma medication here at school.

PHYSICAL EXAMS: are required for ALL Fourth Grade students please send in a copy of a current physical as soon as possible.

Current Physicals are also due for any New Students to TES and all Kindergarten and Pre School students. Theses Students must also be up to date with required immunizations.

MEDICATIONS at School: We cannot dispense any medications at school without a written doctors order and written parental permission -that includes prescription and over the counter medications.

Any Daily Medication required during school hours needs a Written Doctors Order

*Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums and Caladryl Lotion can be dispensed here at school when you have signed the emergency forms and checked off the appropriate space.

Clothing Issues: Please make sure students are dressed for appropriate weather conditions and outdoor recess play, especially- appropriate footwear for our playgrounds.

It is expected that ALL students will have an extra change of clothing in their lockers in case it is needed. Unexpected issues come up at all age levels, spills, puddles, bathroom accidents. Parents will be called if a change of clothing is not available for a student if an incident should occur.

Students should also have sneakers for Gym day.

Food/Snack Issues:

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation for classrooms requiring allergen free snacks.

Classrooms will be notified.

Reminder that TES has a NO RANDOM FOOD POLICY, no food items may be sent into school for events such as holidays, birthdays etc.

IF there were a special occasion in the school or classroom that includes food- advance notice would go home with students detailing the event and what would be served.

These policies help keep our students safe.

Thank you all, have a healthy, happy school year!!

Sherrie Dunbar, Karen Morrill, & Sarah Isenberger, TES School Nurses