The Holocaust

By: Jadihn Martin

Camp Life

Elie Wiesel was very trusting in God and wanted to be closer to him everyday before he entered the camps. He studied with Moche the Beadle after Moche escaped from a camp. He was very caring of others before he was sent to the camps but now he is very selfish and doesn't care about others. Like when his dad was getting beat up and he chose not to help. He has made new friends but he doesn't really care for them that much. He has become focoused on keeping himself alive. He also wants to stay with his father even though he didn't help him he still wants to be around him.

What the novel revealed about me

This novel opened my eyes and in a drastic and needed way. I realized that I am a spoiled little brat and I think that my life is hard. These people suffered so much and they had such horrible lives and I have a fairly easy life and I complain daily. They were also hurt for no reason and I do something to be punished. I feel so bad that I ever complained about my life because they were the ones who can actually complain about there lives. I also wondered how someone could be so cruel and not even care or feel any emotion toward these innocent people. Even though they did nothing wrong they paid the price and worked as hard as they could. I am so grateful that I read this novel because it shows the suffering of the Jews and how hard life was. I will also became more aware of bad behavior and now bullying is even more serious to me because even though its not as serious as the Holocaust it is still very important