Mascara & Target = A Momentus May!

Target Announcement!

Most of you have heard the exciting announcement about our collaboration with Target that will launch this coming Fall! We will be their first ever limited edition beauty brand partner. It will be a partnership along the lines of the limited edition Target fashion capsule collections (think Lily Pulitzer, Zac Posen, Missoni, Issac Mizrahi, Marimekko, Sugar Paper and more). As Target said, "We are constantly looking and evaluating the beauty landscape, and Beautycounter was on Target's radar as an up-and-coming's an industry-disrupting brand known for cleaner, safer products that are premium in nature, and aligns with what our guests are asking for." You can learn more about it in the article below. I've also attached the video recording Heather Willison & Lynn Cooper's call that offers an overview of the collaboration and answers burning questions. The password to view is: Target.

I believe in Gregg's philosophy that the rising tide lifts all ships and I think this limited partnership is going to be HUGE for our brand! It will give us name recognition and outreach we could've never achieved before. 68m people will be exposed to Beautycounter and we are serving our mission "to get safe products into the hands of everyone." When that 9 weeks is up we will have a whole host of people needing our product. In the meantime, continue giving your current customers top notch customer service. Sign them up for Band of Beauty so they get free shipping and they earn the $25 product credits (something they can't get at Target) and prepare yourself for many new opportunities this partnership will offer. I've heard from a number of people in the field that this announcement has already generated new leads and new consultants. Personally, I sponsored someone who said "I want to get on board before the Target launch" as she's so excited by it! Think of how you might leverage this!

Heather Willison & Lynn Cooper's vimeo about our collaboration. Password: Target

Share kits/Drop offs/Loaners

At our recent Director Training we talked about share kits/loaner kits. I realized that while I hold socials, do 1 on 1s and sell on the go I'm totally slacking in the loaner kit arena and it's time to take advantage of this additional means of selling. Here are some best practices for loaners:

1) Work with people who couldn't attend a social. Ask the hostess who couldn't make it and offer to do a drop off (or a 1 on 1!)

2) Tell clients you'd love their opinion and ask them to try out our products.

3) Have certain drop off days in your calendar and leave items for 2-3 days. You can have two loaners going a week or twice a week that could be 2-4 customers a week or 8-16 customers you reach in a month!

4) Include an order form with the products highlighted on the sheet. You can even say "if u want to order and fill it out you'll get a little purchase gift!" Start your pick up conversation with "what would you like to start with today?"

5) Pass the pouch. This works well with the Essentials (now Rejuvenate) line as it's more sanitary. You can pick it up to pass on or have the client pass it on.

6) Save older jars and put a 3 day sample in the jar that comes from a fresh bottle.

7) Take sample pouches when traveling this summer or get it into hands of friends.

8) Ask for referrals! Managing Director Jen Erl always shoots her clients a text and says the following: "I have a question for u. If u had 3 more of these super cute little pouches, who would you love to share them with? With your compliments? I would love to reach out to them and offer to give them a sample pouch like I did with you. And, of course, I always appreciate being connected with people who might love Beautycounter and I give thank you gifts for helping me share." Jen always gets 2-3 referrals from every drop off!

How to approach loaner kits via FB

Here's an excellent FB post from Managing Director Lynn Cooper! This will also give you ideas on how to break up the loaner kits. When you post this be mindful of where we are with our new branding and try to use photos of our current product line.

LOCAL FRIENDS: I am looking for a few interested parties to take Beautycounter products for a test drive. You can pamper yourself from Thursday through Monday!

I'll take care of delivering it to your door AND picking it up. I only have a few, so first come, first serve - you choose the kit you'd like to try! This is also a GREAT opportunity to share the products with a friend who you think would love Beautycounter too. If you refer a friend and they place an order, I'll give you a Beautycounter gift for the referral:)

Here are your 5 choices - What a luxurious way to spend a few days! xo

KIT #1 - Body Collection Share Kit:
Our signature "Citrus Mimosa" scent (super light and refreshing) body and hair basics including Hydrate Lotion, Shampoo, Rinse Conditioner and Body Wash AND including our "Enrich" Body Butter and Rosemary & Citrus Body Oil plus Sunscreen!

KIT #2 - Nourishing Essentials Face Collection Share Kit: (now rebranded as Nourishing)
Organic coconut oil based set that is simple and effective. Great for all skin types and ages, including teens. Face cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream and Rosewater Spray, Lustro Face Oil and Sunscreen.

KIT #3 - Rejuvenating Countertime Share Kit: (soon to be rebranded as Rejuvenate)
Our "Aging Gracefully" line, packed with powerful, clinically tested, yet safe ingredients. Cleanser, Treatment Pads, Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Perfector, Lustro Face Oil, Sunscreen AND our must have best selling Nourishing Cleansing Balm (great as a cleanser or an ultra-hydrating overnight mask).

KIT #4 - Kidscounter Collection Share Kit OR Baby Collection Share Kit:
3 bath time necessities for kids - Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body Wash plus Sunscreen!

OR for Baby: Daily Protective Balm (for the tush or any super dry areas), Baby Soothing Oil and Gentle All-Over Wash

KIT #5- Cosmetics Share Kit:
Pick from 8 shades of our popular Tint Skin (tinted moisturizer), 5 shades of SPF 20 Dew Skin, 5 shades of Concealer Pens, Eye Shadow Duos, Blush Duos, Bronzers and Lip Sheers and Lip Glosses (perhaps put together a 3 minute face kit?)

KIT #6 - Band of Beauty Member products. All 6 items are offered at a 25% discount, plus you get free shipping on orders over $100 (plus other rewards and surprises!) and for every $300 you spend you earn a $25 product credit.

Comment below or message me to reserve your kit.

Here are some pictures you can use with your FB post

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Kudos to those who promoted in April!

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Welcome to new Consultants who joined in April!

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Sarah Pearsall, Managing Director

Thank you for all you do to share our mission loud and proud. We are so grateful to have your voices at Beautycounter!