Red Devil Reflections

August 10

Fire Drill Fri During 4th Period - Weather Permitting

Friday: Coffee & Donuts Courtesy of the National Guard

Gifted Liaison Needed - Email Cunningham if Interested

Mr. Pirone

Please keep Mr. Pirone in your thoughts. He underwent successful surgery earlier this week and is hoping to be back in the building next week.
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Welcome Ms. Takiedra White, Counselor (D-Kh)

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Welcome Jocelyn Rease, Art Teacher

Late Buses

This week, the trifecta of 1st week of School, Weather, and Traffic has resulted in several late buses. Please be mindful that it is not the student's fault the bus is arriving to school late - do not make the child feel guilty for something beyond his or her control! Please ensure the student has the opportunity to receive any work or instruction missed due to the late bus.

Note: The number of late buses will begin decreasing dramatically in the next few days (yay!). Students on late buses will receive a pass to class.

DCSD Instructional Planning Template and Video

The DCSD Instructional Planning Template (Microsoft Word version) was provided to all DCSD Educators by the Division of Curriculum & Instruction.

· Landscape viewing version (partial document)

· Portrait viewing version (full document)

Additionally, a video link that provides viewers with an additional opportunity to understand the details and components of the lesson planning document is provided, below.

Here is the link:

DCSD Instructional Planning Template Video

Reminder: Lesson plans are due Monday at 8am.

Pre-Assessments Available - ACTION REQUIRED

As our District finalizes the transition to our new, online formative assessment platform (Illuminate), the pre-assessments for Unit 1 of the new curriculum must be administered via paper/pencil. As you recall from the curriculum training, pre-assessments are very short, containing a handful of questions to gauge student learning prior to teachers engaging in the new unit.

Teachers of the respective content areas will need to administer the assessments in a secured fashion. Once the assessments are graded, the score (percentage) must be entered into Infinite Campus under the ‘Pre-Assessment’ grading category. Please note that at this time, the pre-assessment grading category does not carry a weighted grade nor does it affect a student’s average in Infinite Campus. The information should only be used to determine student readiness for the core components of Unit 1.

All Unit 1 Pre-Assessments must be completed by the second week of school, prior to students engaging in new content. Mr. Alexander will be providing further assessment details over the next couple days to teachers currently teaching courses with an existing pre-assessment .

The courses covered include:

  • English: 9th Grade Lit, World Lit, American Lit, British Lit
  • Mathematics: Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry
  • Science: Environmental, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics
  • Social Science: American Government, World History, US History, Economics

MAP Webinar & DHHS Testing Schedule - ACTION REQUIRED

The Office of Research, Assessment, and Grants is pleased to offer two exciting webinars for all instructional staff. The MAP Assessment is DeKalb’s signature assessment. We encourage you to watch the two webinars below, at your convenience, to learn about significant information on how to navigate the MAP Assessment platform.

What is MAP: Purpose, Design, and Use (23 minutes): Access webinar at

Administering the MAP Assessment: Setup and Facilitating a Test (23 minutes): Access webinar at

***Reminder: The MAP Assessment is 100% online. In DeKalb, Grades K-2 complete Reading and Math; Grades 3-8 complete Reading, Language Use, Math, and Science; and Grades 9-10 complete Reading, Language Use, and Math.

Note from Ms. Darden: Druid Hills High's MAP testing window is August 24 - September 8. If there are conflicts with proctoring please let me know in advance so that you may switch with another teacher. If you proctor during third period, students will be instructed to attend A lunch, then report to testing. There is also a script to read to the students this year. Also rosters will be provided in the labs for attendance. Students will report to class first in the hopes of reducing skipping. Thank you for your assistance with this round of testing. Please see proposed testing schedule/proctor assignments and proctor script.

Friday's Football Scrimmage @ Decatur HS

Due to the ongoing construction at our school and nearby areas, I would strongly recommend parking in the parking deck located north of the campus next to the Decatur Courthouse. There will be a $6-$7 dollar charge but it is the most convenient place. If you park there you should head South on Commerce for one block to enter the visitors gate. You may also head South on McDonough to enter the campus. Please do not to park in the CVS parking lot or the Chipotle parking lot as they will get "booted". Game admission will be $5.00 for everyone.

PTSA - Parent-to-Parent College Meeting - Monday

Please join us for the 6th annual PTSA Parent-to-Parent/Student-to Student College Application Meeting this Monday, August 14 at 6:30 in the Media Center. We will quickly review the checklist for senior planning including understanding early admission versus early decision, staying current with Georgia College 411 and college fairs, essay and letter of recommendation writing, and testing preparation. We know you are ready and for added inspiration we have a panel of 2017 DHHS graduates and their parents who will share their tips before dashing off to college!

Applerouth SAT/ACT Mock Exams and Courses

Applerouth SAT and ACT Classes & Free practice exams at Druid Hills High School

Take a free mock exam at Druid Hills HS!

Learn what to expect on the SAT or ACT by taking an official full-length proctored exam under test-like conditions. Afterwards, receive a comprehensive score report that identifies strengths and targets areas for improvement.

To register, visit and enter the event code (below)

SAT Mock exam from 9AM-1:30PM

August 19: M260077

ACT Mock exam from 9:15AM-1:30PM

August 26: M260078

Ready for a Prep class? Prepare for the SAT or ACT in an interactive class where students learn the major concepts and strategies needed to master the exam. Class price includes group instruction, all materials, and full-length practice tests under simulated testing conditions.

SAT Class: 8/19-10/3. Tuesday classes from 3:30-6PM and Saturday practice exams from 9-1:30PM

ACT Class: 8/26-10/17. Tuesday classes from 3:30-6PM and Saturday practice exams from 9:15-1:30PM

To view the course schedule and to register for the SAT class, please visit to and enter the event code SAT3392

To view the course schedule and to register for the ACT class, please visit and enter the event code ACT3393

This Week


Sball v Chamblee 5:30p (Ingram)

Vball vs McNair/Salem 5p


Fire Drill during 4th Period

Sball @ Redan 5p (George)

Vball v Tucker @ Strikefest - Chamblee 5p (7p if we win, 8p if we lose) (Cunningham)

Fball @ Decatur 7:30p (Joyner)


Vball @ Strikefest - Chamblee (Cunningham)