Chinstrap Penguin

Save the Penguins!

How do I describe the Chinstrap Penguin?

Chinstrap penguins can grow up to 68 cm in length, and a weight of 13.2 pounds.The adult chinstraps' flippers are black with a white edge; the inner sides of the flippers are white.The strong legs and the webbed feet are pink.

Where does the Chinstrap Penguin belong in the food chain?

The Chinstrap Penguin eats krill, fish and shrimp. Their predators are killer seals and whales. They mostly eat in groups.

What is its habitat like?

Chinstrap penguins nest in large, open colonies in the southern hemisphere. The Chinstrap penguin's habitat is located within the polar climate zone.Chinstrap penguins are native to the continent of Antarctica.

How has the Chinstrap Penguin adapted?

When predators look up, their white bellies blend with the sky. When predators look down, their black backs blend with the ocean floor.

Why are the endangered?

The Chinstrap penguin is not endangered, the threat level is on least concern.