Fourth Grade's November Newsletter

Math Facts

Multiplication of multi-digit numbers using the Area Model Strategy has been the focus the last couple of weeks. As we begin the second quarter, we will continue with Division and multi-step word problems. As we move through the quarter we will shift to a focus on fractions. Students will build fractions, add and subtract fractions, as well as decompose fractions. You can help with this at home by involving your child when baking cookies or brownies and using measuring cups or dividing treats using halves and fourths. Sounds yummy!


Students have been researching their animals to prepare presentations as this Unit draws to a close. They have become experts, especially in sharing information about animal defense mechanisms! Students can look forward to beginning a brand new Unit about poetry in a few days. The text used is “Love That Dog” by Sharon Creech. Students will also be given a new reading log for the month of November. Please make sure your child reads for 20 minutes at least 20 days per month in order to be eligible for the Reading Incentive.


Students will begin Process Writing this month. They will be reading informational articles to write on a topic after completing research from Source texts.

Social Studies

Students have been learning about the Columbian Exchange and the impact that it had on the New and Old Worlds. Most recently students started reading about the Culture and Customs of the European Settlers and Native Americans. As we move through this unit we will continue to compare these two societies. Ask your student what the difference is between culture and customs! What are some customs that your family has?


Conference Day is fast approaching! It is scheduled for November 12th. Conference forms have been sent home. We hope to see you soon!

Dates to Remember

11/5: Early Dismissal

11/12: No School for Students, Conference Day

11/16: Report Cards Issued

11/16: Picture Make-up Day

11/24-11/26: Thanksgiving Break