2nd Hand News

September 21-25

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2nd Grade has been busy these last few weeks. Thank you for visiting our room on Back to School Night and on Pet Day! The children are getting into the groove of routines and expectations and also having a bit of fun. In math, we have been reviewing and extending number sense with Mary Cook tiles and 100s boards. The class has begun a literature study of My Father's Dragon and is in pursuit of "juicy words" and dictionary skills. 2nd grade book reviewers chose a favorite book to write about, including what happened, their opinion, and if they would recommend that it be on the 2nd Hand News Bestseller List. The students survived their first round of spelling activities and test with flying colors and enthusiasm. Alas, our class pet did not survive. We bade a fond, froggy farewell to Jasper with words and song. Jasper Jr. is in the works.


  • Spelling Activities are due on Thursdays. A minimum of 3 activities (total) are required, a maximum of 2 from the front side. If your student would like to complete more than 3 activities, that is fine!

  • Math homework will come home this week. Math HW is due on Fridays.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Nyce