Pumpkin Contest M.E.S. Library

Mrs. Voeller is inviting you to enter this pumpkin contest!

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You have two choices! Either create a Book Character Pumpkin or a Superhero Pumpkin!

Contest Directions:

1. Choose to create either a Book Character Pumpkin....OR....a Superhero Pumpkin.

2. Choose to either paint it, or decorate it, or carve it.

3. If you choose to paint or decorate your pumpkin, then you can bring it to the Library when it is done... any day between Oct. 7- Oct. 29. It will be on display for all to see this month!

4. If you choose to carve your pumpkin, wait to do it so it will be fresh, and bring it on Oct. 28th.

5. There will be contest winners for each type of pumpkin: Painted, Decorated, and Carved; and for both categories: Book Characters and Superheroes. Winners will be announced in the morning on Party Day - Oct. 29th.

6.The pumpkins will be moved to the classrooms in time for Fall Parties on Oct. 29th. Then you can take them home in time for Halloween!