Office 365 Groups

Repository for Shared Files and Calendars

With our Office 365 license comes a great way for campuses, departments, and groups to communicate. Groups contain a single communication thread that can be referenced even by new members. For example, if a campus is using Groups to communicate staff updates from the principal, when a new employee is hired and made a member of the Group, they will have access to all communication history back to the creation of the Group.

When a group is created the following items are created as part of the Group:

  • Email communication area for a history of exchanged messages
  • An Outlook calendar associated with the Group
  • A shared file space on OneDrive for documents related to the group
  • A OneNote Notebook for notes, meeting minutes, documentation, etc.

Please read all of the information below before creating a Group
  • Anyone with a network login can create an Office 365 Group
  • The owner is whoever creates the group. Owners can be added to groups.
  • Groups should be created for multiple users with a common topic
  • Please name Groups with the following naming convention:
    • Campus–Group name
    • Example: Lee – Principal Group

Click on the link below for a detailed explanation of Groups and how to create them. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact me directly at