August Newsletter!

Erica's Owls

Welcome to all our new designers!!!

Lisa Rowlett
Joye Rex
Vanessa Pichler & Jackie Conklin

Big congrats to Linda Haller and her new designer Kyrsten Bowley

Sneek peek of new products that were talked about at the O2 Convention! Hopefully coming in the Fall!

My New Hours

While I have ten of you under me, and work full time from 11pm-8am, it does get quite exhausting. So I have decided to create some work hours for origami owl (mind you i check my messages all throughout the day) so here are my new hours:

From 2:00pm-7:00pm EST M-Saturday (please note this is for phone calls, i will still answer messages as they appear on my phone)

Sunday's I am hoping to have family days I am sure all of you can appreciate that ;)

And as always if there is something URGENT outside of the calling hours, if I do not answer (due to sleeping) leave a message and I will get back to you that day! okies..

Thank you all for your understanding in the matter.

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Cabo Incentive!!!!!

Alright ladies!!! Origami Owl's first incentive program!!!!! HOOT HOOT!!! Here is the plan, to help you earn your points from now until the end of November!!!!! Lets rock out and go to Cabo!!!!

Team Incentive for August!!!!!

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Origami Owl Business Card Holder!!!

That's right, For the month of August, I have decided to start the team incentives back up!!!!!!! So with that being said> All designers for EVERY 500PV will get one entry to win this Custom O2 Business card holder!!!! so 500PV=1 entry, 1000pv =2 entries etc.. To those who obtain DIW to start their own team, you will receive 2 entries for each DIW.
*Please email me by September 1 with your DIW. Good Luck!!!! Let's Rock August!!!!!

August Hostess Exclusive!!!

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In your back offices there are tons of resources available! Be sure to check them all out as they are important tools to your success.

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Big image
Big image

All of these are in your back office!!!!

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Keep in mind the next Origami Owl Convention!!!

As soon as they release information on signup I will let you all know, I am planning on going next year and hope you all can too!!

That's all for now............

Alrighty ladies!!!! Wonderful job all things considered in the summer months which are tough for any direct sales companies, we did great! I am so proud of all of you and keep up the great work. If there is anything anything at all that you need, please let me know, If i am unavailable Kerri Pouliot is my mentor please let her know.
Have a wonderful day, and lets rock August out of the books!!!!!!! <3


Your Team Leader,