Teaching & Learning

Technology Integration

Teachers and students have been integrating technology into their experiences in a variety of ways. Technology is not just an isolated skill or tool. It's an integral part of the learning process. Students and teachers are organizing, collaborating, communicating, problem-solving, connecting, creating, sharing, and so much more. They're transforming and enhancing their learning in meaningful ways. Below are just a few examples.....

5th Graders communicate their weather knowledge:

4th Graders bring planets to life:

6th, 7th, and 8th Graders:

Participate in interactive collaborative games.

Give and receive immediate feedback on concepts.

Communicate real-time with teacher and/or classmates.


6th Grade Team communicating with families more effectively.

5th Graders, 6th Graders, 8th Graders, and ACE-LA students

Working within shared folders in their Drive.

Digital Citizenship Discussions

Focus on positive digital footprints.

Privacy Settings

Appropriate Use

Student Choice

Focus on the learning objectives

Allow students to choose how they will "show what they know". Students have been introduced to a variety of options that tie with all intelligences.

Rather than be told to make a ________ presentation to share your knowledge, students are given options that range from creating a video, talking avatars, interactive presentations, to a variety of online platforms. All along, students are encouraged to embed other resources that will enhance their message.

Technology skills and Internet Safety are embedded into the lesson.

Breaking Down the Walls of the Classroom - Making Connections

Penguin Expert

Meaningful Connections Continue.....

4th Graders will be enriching their Newspaper Unit with a virtual visit from Investigative Reporter, Chris Fusco.

8th Graders are hoping to interact with students all over the world to discuss diversity to enhance their Hana's Suitcase learning experience.