Last Newsflash of this Week!

(Usually they will be weekly!)

Advice to Middle School Students

We read this article in class today. Students also responded in their Quest journals to one of the items that resonated with them, either positively or negatively. Tomorrow, they will have the chance to speak with one another about the article. It may be worthwhile for other family members to read, so I'm passing it on to you!
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Quest Project of the Week

Time Management Insights

Our goal is for you to have as little homework as possible. Use your time appropriately in class and you'll be able to just have reading expected of you at home.

For some of you, this means creating reasonable goals. This project, as we discussed, is not a "Grand Opus". You'll have about an hour of class time to work on it before sharing with the class on Friday. Have fun!

Today's Poem

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Just in case you are interested... Coming Events!

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