Special Services Update


Shining Ornaments

Teaching is a noble profession, but I think we would all agree that special education teachers are a truly unique breed. I was recently reading a book about the history of special education, and stumbled across the following description of these "exceptional professionals", written in 1852,

"They must manifest patience under the most trying emergencies, control of temper under the strongest provocation, and a steady perseverance in the performance of duty, disagreeable....as it oftentimes is. They must be kind and considerate, ever ready to sacrifice their own comfort to the welfare of their charge...In all respects, their deportment and demeanor must be precisely as refined and cultivated persons...In short, they are expected to possess a combination of virtues which, in ordinary walks of life, would render their possessor one of the shining ornaments of the human race"

I couldn't agree more. Thank you all for the light you shine on our students in Warwick, and please have a happy and healthy holiday and new year.

Here is your Tool of the Week, "Tips for Parallel Teaching Success". Parallel teaching is a co-teaching method on which a general and special education teacher split the class in half and teach the same lesson. This tool has strategies for teaching a parallel teaching lesson: http://www.tooloftheweek.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Tips-for-Parallel-Teaching-Success-from-Leading-the-Co-teaching-Dance.pdf

Jennifer F. Connolly, PhD

Director of Special Services