The Home of Lego Land

Chicago, IL

Chicago Facts

*Located on the continent of North America at 41.9 degrees North and 87.6 degrees West.

*It's area is 228.4 square miles and elevation is 578.5 feet above sea level.

*It's located east of Lake Michigan.

*The average summer temperature is 80 degrees with winter temperatures at 0 degrees for the average. Precipitation is 4 inches in the summer and 2 inches in the winter.

Chicago at a Glance

*Manufacturing, printing and 2nd in the nation in publishing, finance, insurance and food processing. It is sometimes known as the Candy Capitol.

*Airplane, canoe, car, train,bus, taxi, bicycling, horse back riding, walking and dog sled riding in the winter.

*Street gang clothes, sandals, layers during spring, and fall casual clothing

*Food types would gyros, pasta and steak

*Other major neighboring cities in Illinois are Naperville, Springfield, Peoria and Rockford