By: Olivia C

How would you know if a hurricane started?

The winds would kick up the sea and meanwile warm air blows up and keeps the system going. Did you know the highest hurricane is a cadegory 5 with winds up to 157 miles per hour?

What is the worst kind of tornado?

It is a F5 with winds above 260 miles per hour, they call it "incredible".

What is the worst natural disater?

It is a tornado. The highest winds are up to 300 miles per hour.

Are Tsumais the same as floods?

From what I saw on I would say yes because, a Tsumai is like a REALLY big flood! But a Tsuami is a lot more POWERFUL. I still think a Tsuami is like a flood. Because a Tsumai floods over houses. Just like floods do.