Curriculum Night 9/10/2020 @ 6PM

Curriculum Night

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 6pm

Microsoft Teams


CONGRATULATIONS SCHOLARS! You've made it through your first 2 weeks of Universal Remote Learning. We see you!! Keep up the good work and stay on track.

In this issue of the 2022 SMORE...information about

1. Curriculum Night

2. iReady Assessment

3. our first town hall meeting,

4. virtual college tours,

5. leadership opportunities

6. PRIDE winners

7. birthday shout-outs

Remember our class motto, “There is no Limit to The Class of 2022" and members of the Class of 2022 are trendsetters. I am depending on each of you to stay the course, engage in your classes, and be safe!

I am available by email at, and by phone 470-488-8618. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Sending lots of air hugs,

Kimberly Terry Whitfield

11th grade Assistant Principal

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iReady Testing helps us to assess students needs and provide targeted instruction for each student.



Tuesday, September 1- 4, 2020 during each block

◦Two 30 - 45 minutes sessions

◦Total testing days; 4 (2 A-days; 2 B-days)



Tuesday, September 8, 2020 during each block

◦Two 30 - 45 minutes sessions

◦Total testing days : 4 (2 A-days; 2 B-days)


◦Asynchronous monitored by coaches

◦September 9, 11, 14, 16 & 18 from 2:30 - 3:30 (Flex Time)

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Townhall Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 2:45pm

Microsoft Teams

A message from Ms. Dance, 11th grade Counselor

Greetings 2022:

Just a gentle reminder of the key requirements that we have discussed previously. You will need at least 11 credits to be classified as a junior/11th grade student. You must have passed all core academic classes/required electives (Health and Fitness) to be considered on track for graduation (please contact me if you have questions).

Please approach this year with a positive attitude, strive to get those stellar grades, and/or work diligently to recover from past failures.

If you need anything, I am available Monday – Friday from 8am to 3:30pm by email, mobile phone 470.473.8260, and/or office phone 470.254.1830. You can also visit my Virtual Counseling office by clicking the link

NOTE: The schedule change request period has ended.

Peace and love,

Michelle Dance

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Here are THREE opportunities to exhibit your

  • leadership skills,
  • express your voice, and
  • represent 22LIT


  • State of Georgia Student Leadership Advisory Council,
  • TCHS Student Government Association,
  • 11th grade Student Council


GA Student Leadership Advisory Council

TCHS Student Government Association

  1. Students should follow Tri-Cities SGA on IG @TriCitiesSGA to stay up to date on various events and initiatives happening at Tri-Cities with SGA. (e.g., Homecoming, My Freedom Day, etc.)
  2. Students who are interested in planning and executing various events and initiatives at TCHS should join the SGA Leadership Team. SGA Leadership Team is accepting applications for new members this week. The deadline is Friday, September 4. Elections for these positions will be held next Friday, September 11. For more information, visit our website


Junior Council Interest Link

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Only 33% of TCHS parents have registered for the parent portal in Infinite Campus. The parent portal provides access to information that includes your child's grades, attendance, assignments and school announcements. Come on JUNIOR parents, let's get 100% of you signed up for the parent portal.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

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September P.R.I.D.E. Winners

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their teachers for exhibiting that Bulldog P.R.I.D.E.: Purpose, Resilience, Integrity, Discipline, and Empathy:

Mycire Camara

Tamya Cowins

Marlen Franquez-Martinez
Freddrick Gilbert

Jamei Jackson

Cylathia Jones

Alondra Mendoza

Elijah Minor

Lesly Ojeda Guatemala

Danai Sanders


Congratulations Tyler for being cast in BET's American Soul

Congratulations Aniya for your leadership in Black Girls Lead

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TCHS would like to wish the class of 2022.....

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Arianna Bell

Princess Black

Kelis Brown

Zykariaellia Cash

Samiyah Ceus

Joshua Chapple

Mamadou Diallo

Lawrelle Dolly

Nakiah Ellis

Liyah Eubanks

Marlen Franquez Martinez

Daniela Garcia-Garcia

Alexander Gatica

Felipe Gutierrez Ramirez

Sincere Johnson

Makayla Melson

Jorge Mendoza

Melany Otero Sanchez

Deyni Abril Ozuna Gonzalez

Samara Patrick

Aniya Roberts

Maricruz Rodriguez Vazquez

Rashad Simpson

Collinsia White


Gregory Adams

Ky'Mani Allen

Jaliyah Bradley

Elizabeth Bryant

Amaria Burgess

Domonique Donwell

Franklin Dozier

Ricky Ford

Amir Foster

Makilah Gates

Jeffrey Godinez

Deymi Gonzalez

Braelen Gonzalez Palma

Micah Gray

Sofia Hernandez

Aniya Hickman

Kelvin Johnson

Shandricka Johnson

Taiylier Johnson

Cylathia Jones

Michael Kent

Kymani Laval

Dahlya Livingston

Jasmine Martinez

Jaylen Mitchell

Mackenzie Newton

Leonardo Ordaz

Erica Osei

Dania Perez-Martinez

Paris Perkins

Erin Ray

Jesus Rodriguez

Bianca Rodriquez

Nivea Russell

Paulina Sanchez-Figueroa

Arlyn Sarabia-Corral

NiAzjah Simmonds

Aaliyah Smith

Imari Smith

David Waller

Santana Watkins

Calvin Westbrooks

Nicholas Wilkinson

Zykeria Williams


Serenity Barnes

LoreneAnita Browne

Montavious Bryant

Tamya Cowins

Isis Davis

Aleace Davison

Sanei Freeman

Yahir Garcia-Cervantes

Trabias Goodson

Paul Henry

Zaria Johnson

Evelyn Juarez

Jalynn Miller

Kyrisma Ragland

Stephanie Servin-Sandoval

Brian Smith

Brianna Smith

Jamal Tillman

Jamel Tillman

Jakwan Trigger

Joshua Vance

Ivo Villalba


Erik Arevalo-Medina

Darryl Barksdale

Sebastian Carrillo

Jose Chavarria

Simeon Cottle

Ameer Daniels

Akaiya Dunlap

Uriel Fonseca Hernandez

DeMario Francis

Alexis Garcia-Benitez

Luis Garcia-Chavarria

Quavon Gbadamosi

Juana Hernandez Burgos

Dariela Hernández Flores

Joy Marshall

Bryan Martinez

Jessica Morales

Rashad Nowell

Jose Ocampo Valdez

Shakir Ojeda

Stephanie Ortiz-Garcia

Joshua Paige

Aaliyah Palmer

Taniya Smith

Breonna Spears

Jordyn Spencer

Myles Toliver

Araceli Torres

Jasmin Vasquez-Fuentes

Destiny Williams


It is important to know that behavioral expectations for students are still in place during our Universal Remote Learning environment, and we encourage families to review the 2020-2021 FCS Code of Conduct Handbook as there are several changes.

Potential rule infractions in a virtual learning environment include, but are not limited to, harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, technology offenses, disruption and insubordination. Please note that code of conduct rule violations can also occur in the community or when using social media inappropriately. It is important that the school is notified of any student behaviors that negatively impact the school or virtual learning environment. Furthermore, incidents of harassment, racial slurs, bigotry, derogatory comments, physical harassment, ethnically offensive behaviors or any threats of harm to others will not be tolerated and will be taken very seriously. Depending on the nature and severity of the offense, the District’s response may include disciplinary consequences up to and including long term suspension/expulsion from school. Please note any behavior that violates the FCS Code of Conduct Handbook will be addressed through our district’s discipline process.

Below are some potential discipline responses that will be utilized in the Universal Remote Learning environment include, but are not limited to, the following:

Parent Conference Suspension from synchronous learning

Restorative Practice Conference

Loss of Privileges

Virtual Drug Education Program I

Impact Lesson or project

Suspension of club/extra-curricular activities

Loss of Graduation Ceremony/Prom Suspension upon return to school

Long-term suspension/Expulsion

Please know that we are committed to ensuring that all our students feel safe and ready to learn and will be providing students guidance, resources and support. Thank you for your partnership in teaching our students behavioral expectations and standards of conduct while in a Virtual Learning Environment.



Estimados Familias, ¡Esperamos con ansias el comienzo de un nuevo año escolar! Mientras nos preparamos para que nuestros estudiantes regresen en un entorno de Aprendizaje Remoto Universal, alentamos fuertemente a los estudiantes y las familias que revisan el Manual Del Codigo de Conducta del estudiante de FCS , ya que hay varios cambios. Es importante saber cuáles son las expectativas de comportamiento para los estudiantes en un entorno de Aprendizaje Remoto Universal. Posibles infracciones de reglas en un entorno de aprendizaje virtual incluyen, pero no se limitan a: acoso, intimidación, delitos tecnológicos, disrupción e insubordinación. Tenga en cuenta que el código de violaciones de las reglas de conducta también puede ocurrir en la comunidad o cuando se utilizan las redes sociales Inapropiadamente. Es importante que la escuela sea notificada de cualquier comportamiento estudiantil que produzca un impacto negativo en la escuela o en el entorno de aprendizaje virtual. Además, incidentes de acoso, calumnias raciales, intolerancia, comentarios despectivos, comportamientos étnicamente ofensivos o cualquier amenaza de daño a otros no será tolerado y será tomado muy en serio. Dependiendo de la naturaleza y gravedad, la respuesta del Distrito puede incluir consecuencias disciplinarias hasta suspensión/expulsión de la escuela. Tenga en cuenta que cualquier comportamiento que viole el Manual Del Codigo de Conducta del estudiante de FCS será abordado a través del proceso de disciplina de nuestro distrito. A continuación, se presentan algunas respuestas potenciales de disciplina que se utilizarán en el entorno de Aprendizaje Remoto Universal. Estas incluyen, pero son se limitan a lo siguiente: Conferencia de Padres Suspensión del aprendizaje sincrónico Conferencia para Práctica Restaurativa Pérdida de Privilegios Lección o proyecto del impacto Programa Virtual de Educación sobre Drogas Suspensión del club/actividades extracurriculares Pérdida de Ceremonia de Graduación/Prom Suspensión al regresar a la escuela Suspensión/Expulsión a largo plazo Por favor, sepa que estamos comprometidos a garantizar que todos nuestros estudiantes se sientan seguros y listos para aprender y que proporcionaremos a los estudiantes orientación, recursos y apoyo. Gracias por su compromiso en la enseñanza de las expectativas de comportamiento de nuestros estudiantes y los estándares de conducta en el Entorno De Aprendizaje Virtual.

Código de Conducta y Manual de Disciplina Estudiantil

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11th grade content teachers and Support Team


Ms. Dance

11th grade class sponsor

Ms. Austin

American Literature

Ms. Hamilton

Mrs. Hopewell

Ms. Matthews

Ms. Ogletree

Algebra 2

Mr. Brogden

Ms. Turlington

Chemistry and Physics

Mr. Gordon

Ms. Rodriguez -Bussey

U.S. History

Mrs. K Lewis

Mr. F Lewis

Mr. Thompson

Mr. Vu


Mr. Amouzou

Mr. Agbemadon


Mrs. Speakman

Ms. Turner

Ms. Wilson

Ms. Winston

Social Workers

Ms. Tyler

Ms. Winkles

RTI Dispro Coach

Ms. Woods

Visit the TCHS and FCS website for the following parent resources, updates and links.


  • What will instruction look like this Fall? Daily instruction will be delivered synchronously, meaning live and in real time, by teachers through Teams. Students are expected to complete all coursework assigned by their teachers, and expected to attend online synchronous sessions . Attendance in those sessions will be recorded in Infinite Campus by the teacher.
  • How will I receive communication from my school? In addition to calling parents, TCHS will post updated information on our school app, school website, and send emails to students. It is urgent that students use their email address assigned by Fulton County Schools.
  • What do I do if I need technology assistance?Students may call the Remote Learning Hotline at 470-254-2300 to ask technology related questions or to report device failure. The Hotline staff will set up appointments for device swaps and power cord pick up.
  • Who do I contact if I have general questions? You may email or call any member of your 2022 Support Team which includes: any of your teachers, your guidance counselor-Ms. Dance, your assistant principal-Mrs. Whitfield, your social worker- Mrs. Winkles


Fulton County School Nutrition will continue to serve nutritious and safe student meals while schools are virtual.

The FCS FoodStop drive-thru model will be utilized to distribute weekly meals at school sites throughout the district. The FCS FoodStop provides an opportunity for families to drive-up and pick up Grab & Go meal packages for students.

Each FoodStop location will service students from specific feeder schools. Tri-Cities High Schools students will pick-up meals from Tri-Cities School. FCS FoodStop sites will be open on Wednesdays from 11:00 - 1:00.

Tri-Cities High School Mission Statement

The Tri-Cities Community will lead and inspire each other to be our best selves by being committed, innovative, optimistic, and service minded in our academic, artistic, athletic and personal endeavors in a safe and secure environment.