Blain Update

March 2021


Important Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, March 31 - Report Cards will be sent home

Thursday, April 1 - Tuesday, April 6 - Spring Break (No School)

Tuesday, April 13 - Spring Picture Day

Thursday, April 15 - Blain Elementary PTO Meeting at 6:30 PM

Week of May 10 - ELA PSSAs (Grades 3-5)

Week of May 17 - Math PSSAs (Grades 3-5)

Week of May 24 - Science PSSAs (Grade 4)

West Perry Summer Program: To learn more about this summer learning opportunity and to register your child, please visit:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who have been supporting our students at Blain Elementary this school year. Recently, our students received new playground toys and t-shirts from the Blain Elementary PTO! We also received a large donation of coats, socks, and other much needed supplies from Three Springs Church in Blain. Additionally, Join Hands recently provided us with a large donation of student binders. We extremely appreciate the ongoing support we receive from our community!

Student Council Collection for Hospitalized Children - April 12-18: Students are encouraged to bring in new items such as small toys/puzzles, activity books, coloring books, colored pencils, crayons, etc. These items that will be donated to children receiving care in the pediatric wing at Harrisburg Hospital.

Health Reminder: As we near the end of the year, please be reminded to keep your child home if he/she is not feeling well or if a member of your household is being tested for COVID-19. Please contact our school nurse, Mrs. Smith, with any questions or concerns ( or 717-536-3219).


Tips for Helping Families Ensure Internet Safety

* Talk to your child about what they’re doing online. Make sure you know what your child is doing online and that you are familiar with their favorite apps or websites.
* Remember, you’re in charge. Set boundaries and consider using filtering software and parent controls on devices.
* Teach your child to keep personal information private online. YAPPY is a useful acronym to remind children of some of the personal information they should not share on-line. YAPPY stands for: Your full name, Address, Phone number, Passwords, Your plans.
* Remind your child that not everything you read or see on the internet is true, and not everyone online tells the truth. Children need guidance to learn this skill.
* Avoid supporting your child to sign up for sites that are 13+ if they are under age (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc). When they are old enough to register, make sure your child sets their online accounts to private to limit access to only people they know well.
* Encourage your child to balance screen time and other activities. Remember: Our own digital habits are noticed by our children!

March Literacy Challenge: As the weather is getting nicer, let’s take reading outside! Encourage your child to do his/her nightly reading outside. Sit on a blanket, in a treehouse, or on a lawn chair and enjoy a book. Your family can also participate in this fun “Outdoor Literacy Scavenger Hunt.”

Don’t forget to send a picture to if you catch your child reading! These students were caught reading during the month of March: Isla Brownback, Sebastian Taylor, Alaina Reisinger, Jacob Innerst, Caleb Reisinger, Clara Taylor, Knox Ellison, Lily Moore, and Libby Sauder. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new book!


SPRING into a Positive Mindset!

As we move towards spring, I visited classrooms to talk about how positive thoughts can help us change our mindset! It is easy to be critical of yourself, but what about reminding yourself that you are great?! In grades PK-2, we talked about positive compliments we could give to ourselves and we also practiced some yoga poses with some positive thoughts, too! In grades 3-5, we talked about positive thoughts and affirmations as well by using a fun, interactive game that took us out of this world on a trip to space to find some positive things we could say about ourselves and to ourselves. Students at all grade levels picked their favorite positive thought and their “homework” was to try to say it to themselves each day! Daily affirmations are a great way to promote confidence and good self-esteem in children and can easily be added to morning or bedtime routines. Check out the list below to see what positive thoughts we shared; it can also be a great conversation starter!

· I am brave!

· I am strong!

· I can do anything!

· I matter!

· I will have an amazing day!

· I can do my best!

· I am loved!

· My future is bright!

· I can learn from my mistakes!

· I am kind!

· I am smart!

· I am a good friend!

Have a HOPPY Spring Break,

Miss Courtney Roth, M.Ed.

School Counselor

Blain Elementary


Moist fabric is a breeding ground for bacteria and can also carry live viruses, so you should wash your cloth mask whenever it gets dirty or at least daily.

-Include your mask with your regular laundry

-Use regular laundry detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting for the fabric used to make the mask

-Use the highest heat setting and leave in the dryer until completely dry

-If you have a disposable mask, throw it away after wearing it once. They lose their protective qualities after one wearing.

Students will sometimes get their masks wet or soiled throughout the day. Please send a clean, back up mask in your child’s book bag to change into if necessary.

Shannon J. Smith

Blain Elementary School Nurse

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Fax: 717-536-3718


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