Balloon Satellite from Mobile, AL

Bishop State Community College launches its first balloon

Our guide was Mark Becnel, President of RadioBro, Huntsville, AL

The student team consists of high school seniors and college freshmen. Mark helped the students understand every part of the process, from predicting the flight path given the weather and the size of the balloon (plus the payloads) to how the balloon should be handled, filled, and released.

Assembling the payload line

Filling the balloon

The balloon and team walk to the school entrance for a photo op

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The onboard Gopro camera took images during flight

The balloon followed a coastal trail from Mobile to Molino, FL.

Most of the images taken by the gopro camera showed Mobile Bay and the five rivers that empty into the bay as well as the bay meeting the Gulf of Mexico. The spot tracker onboard sent a signal every five minutes. We were able to track the balloon during flight and once it landed to retrieve our camera, tracker, balloon, and GPS.
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Touchdown in a horse field in Molino, FL

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