What Really Is Perseverance?

Ravidi Serasinghe - May 20, 2016

Perseverance is...

being able to get back up and keep fighting, both mentally and physically, for your goal or future. It is also being strong enough to get back up despite what people say and the adversities and step backs you have faced. Some people are able to persevere and some are not; I think the reasoning for this is because some people just have the mentality to keep fighting and some have just gone through too much to keep persevering. Another reasoning could be because people in their life have put them down and they grow up persevering and proving those people wrong.


Kid President

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Problem & Solution

The problem for everyone is adversity. Not being able to get back up or not wanting to. People think that adversity is a bad thing, and that is a way to think of it. The thing about adversity is that it's the ugly truth; you will face it no matter who you are. Giving up is a beautiful lie; let's be real, we all think about giving up but some of us can't afford to do that and some of us already have given up on a dream that was hard to accomplish.

Is there a solution to adversity? Not really. You just have to have a different perspective on adversity. Think of it as a good thing; it's a life lesson. Something that Kid president said in his video was "Don't give up on your dreams...unless they're stupid." My first reaction to this quote was I thought it was meant as a joke. But then we had a small class discussion about the quote and I understood what he meant. What's the point of reaching a goal if you won't face any adversities or step backs? It's getting the easy way out. Although, things that come easily don't always work out right.

Nick Vujicic

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Cause & Effect

A lot of people are put down in their life. Nick Vujicic knows all about it, people called him a freak when he was younger. Why? Nick was born with no arms or legs. People would tell him that he was a freak and that no one actually liked him. When he was 8 all he would think about is the things that he does not have. These things lead him to being depressed.

The cause for him to not believe in himself is because people said hurtful things to him which lead to him thinking he was not good enough. He also couldn't do the things other boys could do. He mentions these things in his speech very eloquently. The effect of this is him getting depressed and not seeing a purpose to live. Then he started believing in himself and he told himself that he had things in his life that he should be grateful for; the effect of this was him living a successful life and sharing his positivity to strangers and even inspiring people.

Paul Smith

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Most people use the things they can’t do as an excuse to not do anything but there are cases where someone really has no way of doing this task, “I can’t draw, well looks like I can’t do the drawing portion of the project.” Although, some people do have much more serious cases like not being able to walk. In Paul Smith’s case he was born with Severe Cerebral Palsy and his hands shook really badly but he didn’t let this condition as an excuse to not be an artist.

There is a twist to his art work, he does not use a pencil, pen, marker, paintbrush, etc. to make his art, he uses a typewriter. Since, his hands shook so badly he could not hold a pencil, paintbrush, etc. Instead he used a typewriter to make his art pieces. He did not let his disability define him or stop him from reaching his goal. He did something that most people would think that he could not do, and he proved them wrong.


What Can We Learn From The Perseverance of Others to Help Us With Our Own Adversities?

We can learn from their mistakes and we can also learn that other people have gone through worse than us and they grew up to be successful which means that you can be successful.