Arab Israeli Conflict

(Possible Solution Included On the Bottom)

How It All Started...

The Arab Israeli conflict started when Jewish people built The Temple. People took over this land and destroyed the temple. Many years later the Muslims built two buildings on the foundation of The Temple. These buildings are...
  1. A mosque (Mosques are where Muslims worship)
  2. A building around the place where Muhammad ascended into heaven.

Facts and Pictures

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Facts About Israel

  • Solomon built The Temple.
  • Alexander the Great conquered Jerusalem.
  • Muslims take over Israel.
  • On a Jewish holy day, Egypt attacked a territory of Israel.
  • When Egypt attacked it became known as the Yom Kippur War

This is a picture of what happened in Israel...

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The Solution...

My Solution

My solution for this problem is to have the Muslims and Jews to have a treaty to not harm each other, so both religions could live in Jerusalem. This treaty would help both religions to live in peace and harmony. The Jews could build a smaller temple on one side of the temple mount or use their side for whatever reason needed. The Muslims could have the mosque and the building on where Mohammed ascended into heaven on the other. This solution would solve most problems with Israel. This solution would also prevent many deaths and end a 3000 year war.