My Mission

By: Sierra Elizabeth Beane

Because I am me.....

I will be creative, practical, kind, & forgiving when things go wrong. I will portray integrity and loyalty to my peers. I will say what I mean and follow through. I will achieve all a's and give 110%. I will be bold and not be afraid to stand out and do what needs to be done.

My Testimony

I Am....

I am a leader. I am smart. Above all I am determined to reach my goal. Life is short & every minute that you are not heard or showing your qualities is a waste. The world has many secrets & I plan to expose them to the world. This year I plan to act upon the skills I have been given. I will achieve a dual degree & use all means to achieve my goal to go to UNCA and study photo journalism. I will fight for what i believe in. I will give my all to get the best story and photograph I can. I will raise the bar in the National Geographic society & do the same in life. I will think things through to make the best decision for me and my highly set values.

photos by Sierra Beane