Jasmine Mann

My All About Me

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About Me

Hello, I'm Jasmine. I was born on September 21, 2000 in Mississauga, Ontario. I am currently 15 years old and a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School. I live with my mom, dad, brother and grandmother. My brother is 3 years younger than me. I have lived in Brampton for the past 13 years of my life. I would describe myself as shy, clumsy, impatient, short-tempered, attentive, logical, ambitious, a perfectionist, organized, sensitive and responsible. Some of my hobbies and likes are reading, swimming, playing piano, art, Photoshop, baking, travelling, watching movies, collecting magazines and shopping. My favourite TV shows include Grey's Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds. My favourite movies are Titanic, the Star Wars Original Trilogy, all the Harry Potter Movies, The Departed and Gone Girl. My favourite singers are Taylor Swift, Adele, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and Celine Dion. My favourite subject in school is Science. I also like to try new things. Some of my dislikes include presenting in front of people, people who are slow and hypocrites.

My Life Line

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I was born

I was born on September 21st, 2000. In Trillium hospital in Mississauga. I was my mom and dad's first child.

My Favourite Things

Leadership Skills

I would say my leadership style is Persuader. If I am the leader in the group I will take charge and assign each member a piece of work to do to make sure that the work will get finished. But I will also talk to my team members because I want to make sure they can do the work as I don't want the work not being done or being done poorly. I use this type of leadership because I don't want to seem bossy or annoying toward my peers. I think it's important to be nice and friendly and make sure they are capable instead of just assuming it. An example where I could use this leadership style is in group projects when I am put in a group I will take charge and split the work so that everybody is doing an equal share and assign it, but I will ask them for their preferences on what they want to do. So that the work is easier for them.


The biggest influences in my life are my family that consists of my mom, my dad, my brother and my grandmother. They have had the biggest influence on me, since I spend huge amount of my time with them. They have played a big part in building my character and my development as I grow older into a more independent person. Some internals factors are I would say my families personality and how they are, and how they act. I would say I'm quite similar to the rest of my family my personality. Some external factors that have affected me I would say are my friends and other peers at my school. I've seen how others at my school are classmates how they would act, what they were like and that has affected me as well.

Role Model

The most important person in my life is my mom. She has been the kindest person to me, she's good at everything she does, she is caring, smart and passionate. She's the one person who has always been there for me over the years. She has always helped me with everything in my life. I can tell her anything and she always understands supports me. She has helped me through all the tough moments I have experienced throughout my life. Whenever I want something she always gets it for me. She always has my best interest and has sacrificed so much for both me and my brother. I love my mom more than anybody in the world, she's the best.

My Future

I think about my future a lot. I want to be successful, I want to have a high paying job and be doing something I enjoy. There are two fields that I'm interested in, Math and Science. I want to go to university, I plan on going to university there I'll study both Math and Science and I will choose which one I want to go too. For Math I have thought about being a Statistician and that's really it. For Science I have thought about being a Scientist, Surgeon or a Medical Informatics Analyst.

Family Symbols

Personality Tests

I am a Visual-Auditory Learner I learn from looking, seeing, hearing, listening.

My Personality type is ISJF (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging).

My interests is a Technician.

My top subject area is Science.

My motivation is achievement

My strongest Intelligences is Logical Strength.

I got the colour green on the True Colours Test.

You don't have to write paragraphs.

I think my Learning Styles Test result that I am a Visual-Auditory Learner are absolutely correct. When I learn in class I don't just want the teacher to explain what we're doing or I don't just want the teacher to demonstrate what to do. I want both I want to see the teacher to explain what we're doing as well and demonstrate it and show a couple of examples. I learn best this way because then I know exactly what to do on my own. If I am taught using only one of those Learning Styles then I may not know 100% how to do it on my own, especially if what we're learning is considered quite difficult. Therefore I think the results of this test were extremely accurate as I learn best when everything is explained and examples are shown.

The next test I took was the Personality Test, I think the results for this are somewhat wrong. The results say that I am kind, helpful, observant, patient, that I avoid risks and conflicts whenever possible and that I understand the feelings of others well and I remember personal details about others. While I don't agree with a bunch of points I would say I'm kind, Observant, that I avoid conflicts and do remember details well. I disagree with the points that say I'm patient, avoid risk. I would never ever call myself patient anybody who knows me knows I am not patient, I am always in a rush and I hate waiting for long amounts of time. I also wouldn't say that I generally avoid risks. While I do say I lean towards playing it safe most of the time I do not try to avoid risks unless I think the consequences are too big for me to afford. Hence I disagree with some of the points of this test and don't believe its very accurate.

Next up was the Interests Test. The result I got on my interest test is Technician, as it says my primary interests is Investigative and my secondary interest is Conventional. I was quite surprised with this result and still am as I had never thought about becoming a Technician. As Technician are very good at building and designing. To be a Technician you need a lot of piratical skills and I don't have any piratical skills as I have never done anything about it to this day. I do have a lot of knowledge on things I guess a Technician would have but I don't have any hands on knowledge and that is very important. I do am interested in both my primary and secondary interests especially investigative, as I love reading Investigative journalism among others I would not purse a career in either fields. Thus I disagree with results of this test and consider them quite inaccurate.

After that was the Knowledge Test, on the Knowledge test it said that my Top Subject Area is Science. I agree with this as I do like Science the most out of any other subject I have. Science I would say is my favourite because it helps me understand the way the world works and how everything is made. Science helps us understand the world and has helped us develop new things that are essential to our everyday life. I like knowing how those things work and how they were made and Science answers all of my questions.

The next test I took was the Motivation Test, on the Motivation test it said that my biggest motivation is Achievement. I do agree with this as I do want to be recognized and be successful. I want to become something and earn a lot of money and be credited for it. I would call Achievement my biggest motivation, hence I agree with the result of this test.

The following test I took was the Multiple Intelligences test, on this test it determined that my strongest intelligences is the Logical strength. I do agree with this as I do consider myself to be a logical person, who always thinks things through. Also the result of this test aligns its self with the results I got on other tests. The other tests I have taken have also stated that I'm a Logical. Therefore I would say it is correct that my biggest Intelligences is Logic.

Finally the last personality test I took was the True Colours test, this test determined that my strongest colour was green. After reading the characteristics for each colour, I do are with my results as I do consider my a green. I could not really relate with the characteristic of the other colours described, this result also matches the results I have gotten while taking other tests, that I am a Logical person. Every test I have taken has said that I am logical. Greens are described as Rational, Analytic, curious and have a need to be knowledgeable and understand the world. Greens also come off as aloof and arrogant because of there want for success sometimes. I agree with this completely, it is 100% accurate from the characteristic to my want to understand how the world works to my weakness of coming off as cold sometimes. I certainly believe that I fit well into this green, so I agree with my result on the True Colours test being Green