Food served with a smile!

"Hope Was Here" by Joan Bauer Genre: Realistic Fiction

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"Three women plop next to the big table, saying how they've heard about the wonderful food here."

Attention all food lovers! Come eat at the Welcome Stairways. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is friendly. Of course those three women heard about the wonderful food. Whoever eats here would think the same thing! Why is food served with a smile you ask? It's because the waiters and waitresses are cheery and treat every hungry person with kindness and one big meal to complete their day. One waitress specifically will fill you with joy, and that's Hope Yancey. She even helped the diner's owner get elected for Mayor! But thats off topic. The Welcome Stairways is fantastic! Everyone leaves with a big smile along with a full stomach! Don't miss the chance of tasting heaven!

By Lena Parker