Holmquist News and Notes

December 14 - December 18

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 15! We are definitely on a countdown to our Holiday Vacation. I know I am looking forward to spending the next two weeks with my family and to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit. I encourage you to do the same on your break. This week will be equally busy, so please make sure that you have planned engaging lessons for your students and continue to show them how much you love and care for them. Also, please remember that the holiday season is not a happy one for everyone especially our students. Believe it or not, school is a safe and happy place for many of our students and being at home for two weeks is a scary ordeal for some of our students. Please pay attention to your students and signs to prevent the anxiety and fear of the holiday. Thanks for all you do and for making my job easier!

Shout Outs

  • Ortiz, Polk, Castillo, Quezada, Reyna, Gonzalez, Hudson and Glover stayed late to help with the late buses on Friday. Thanks for assisting us with the students on those buses.
  • Thank you to Ms. DeSauto for going to one of our apartment complexes to find a missing student
  • Thank you to Dr. Reyna, Mr. Tobon, and Ms. Polk for assisting us with finding a missing 1st grader.
  • Ms. Rodriquez for helping 3rd grade decorate for the shower.
  • Ms. Cortinas and the 3rd grade team for doing a great job of planning Ms. Faye's shower
  • Ms. Cavazos and Ms. Sanchez for working with our E-Colors Champions. Mr. Senior was very impressed with our students!
  • Ms. Guerra for organizing our Holiday Party!
  • Ms. Upshaw for organizing the district admin Holiday Party!
  • Coach Foster did an excellent job presenting a self-defense in-service- Ms. Arenstein
  • Coach Sallee for an awesome restroom video- our students are really using the strategies that were taught on the video!
  • Ms. Rios for rescheduling her appointment to attend the field trip with her students.
  • Ms. Johnson for always being excited about new learning that she experiences at professional development trainings
  • Mr. Ponder for organizing the 4th grade Opera field trip. Our students and teachers enjoyed it tremendously
  • The ILT for checking progress reports, DCA testing, PLC, curriculum planning and the million other things they do on a daily basis.
  • Ms. Rios for her positive attitude and always acknowledging her team, co-workers and me! You are definitely spreading good cheer at Holmquist
  • Ms. Cheng for staying late to hang student art on our building walls! It really makes our school beautiful
  • The counselors for encouraging positive behavior with the NO Place for hate week.
  • Thanks to ILT for helping with the spelling be
  • Congratulations to our HAABE Representatives ESL - Ms. Polk and Bilingual - Dr. Reyna
  • Carla, Saima, and Delia D. for doing an awesome job of testing dual language students with the IPT and meeting the deadline. Way to go ladies! from Ms. Cavazos
  • Team Leaders have done an outstanding job of leading their team and disseminating information to team members!
  • Great job to our 1st - 4th grade teachers and students for performing above the district on almost all of the DCA tests given. Thank you to PK and K teachers for laying the foundation. I would also like to think special ed., content and intervention for working with our students!

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, December 13th

Happy Birthday Ms. C. Harris

Monday, December 14th

EDC 74

Staff Meeting Cancelled (Yay)

Twitter Training with Brian

4th CP M/Sci

Picture Day 1st and 2nd

Gift of Time - 2nd

4th grade Spelling Bee - 9:30

Holiday Shirt with Jeans

PK Meeting at 11:10

Tuesday, December 15th

EDC 75

Happy Birthday Ms. Karouni

Gift of Time - 1st

Santa Picture Make Up Day

2nd CP LA/SS

4th Dual Language at Miller

Holiday hats, reindeer ears, etc with Jeans

Tech/Library Meeting

Fame Meeting

Principal Talks

Wednesday, December 16th

EDC 76

Report Cards Due by 7:45 a.m.

Sing Along

3rd CP M/Sci

Pajama Day

Appropriate Attire

No tights, shorts, short bottoms

No spaghetti straps,

Nothing revealing, low cut or excessively fittee

Thursday, December 17th

EDC 77

Classroom Parties at 1:30

See Modified Block Schedule

Free Dress Day or Holiday Shirt

Gift of Time 3rd

Friday, December 18th

EDC 78

Clean and organize classrooms and desks

Ser modified schedule

Early Dismissal 2 p.m.

Ugly Sweater Day, Holiday shirts and/ or hats

PLC - 8:10 - Gift of Time

Monday - 2nd

Tuesday - 1st

Wednesday - None see schedule

Thursday - 3rd

Friday -None



Our March Staff meeting will be on Tuesday, March 8th. Mr. Chambers Superintendent will be at this meeting. Please arrive by 3:35 p.m. We will also have STAAR training on this date.


All students are expected to participate in the holiday party and all classrooms are expected to have one

Lockdown and Drills

We will refine our emergency plans for January. We will have a practice intruder drill next month. Please talk to your students about voice level, responding apppropriately during these drills, and listening very carefully to the teacher. You have to stress how important it is to always behave as if the drill is real.