Leprechaun Trap

Guranteed to catch one

To Good to be True

For my trap you will need two boxes,enough string to fit your needs,two pressure plates,and a fake golden coin. You need to start by cutting a hole in the side of the box. (The long way) Then, you need to cut two pieces of cardboard out of the bottom of the box. This will be used for a trapdoor. Then you need to make a tunnel going into another box when the leprechaun falls through the trap doors. You need to put pressure plates at the bottom of the second box. When he falls in he will be trapped because the pressure plates will be attached to a piece of string that will keep the box closed. You also need to make the second box tall enough to where you think he can’t jump up and pull himself out of it.

The plan is the leprechaun will go into the box. He will be standing right on the trapdoors. The fake gold coin will have string attached to it. He will pull the coin and the string will pull the trapdoors out from under him. (This is my simple machine a pulley) He will fall into the second box. Which then he will be standing on some pressure plates. These pressure plates will have another piece of string attached to them which will close the lids of the box.