Revision Opportunities

Writing Lab help for your MWA's

Getting some extra help

Throughout the semester, each student will have the opportunity to revise one paper after its original submission. However, I am also offering some motivation to visit the Writing Center before you turn a paper into me. This is for any and all of our Major Writing Assignments- not Short Writing Assignments.

How it Works

The process will work like this:

Before you complete a MWA (only MWA’s are available), you will take a draft to the Writing Center in LET 210A. You cannot just show up and tell them you have a paper due. You have to have started it already. The best case scenario is to have it complete. That way they can give you the most help. After working with a tutor for at least 30 minutes on your draft with visible signs that you have been actively revising and editing your paper, you should get them to sign your draft. They will also give you a form documenting your time there. Be sure it has the right time and what you all did together. Keep the form and they will send me a copy in my mailbox. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen, so keep your copy of the form as back up.

When the paper is due, turn in the draft with the tutor’s signature and your final draft. If everything looks okay, I will add five points (half a letter grade) to your final paper. This is not a guaranteed five points, but if you do it with the right intent you will get the five points and a better overall grade on the assignment.