Co-teaching Models

Perryville Elementary

Station Model

*This model is geared toward skills based content: Math in K-5, Reading in K-3.
*3-4 stations- based on size of class
*Target Station with teacher (Reg. Ed Teacher)
*Underpinning Station with teacher (Spec. Ed. Teacher)
*Technology Station- Prodigy, Scootpad, apps
*Skills Practice Station- usually after target station if 4th station is needed.

*Flexible grouping based on MAP data, and changed frequently based on formative assessment data

KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL CO-TEACHING-common planning, analyzing data together, and communication!

Chunking Model

*This model is geared toward comprehension based content: Social Studies and Reading in the intermediate grades (4th-5th usually)
* 5-10 minute chunks taken turns by co-teachers, which are split by Kagan
*Flashback at beginning, exit slip at the end

Keys to Successful Co-teaching

*Common planning
*Data analysis together