Rome Leaders

Augustus, Julius , Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero

Octavion Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar was born on January 16th, 27 BC. He was born into the Julio- Claudian clan. He was married to Livia Drusilla, Scribonia, and Clodia Pulchra. His daughter was Julia the Elder.

- He was a good writer

- He banished his daughter to an island because of her disorderly behavior. (committing adultery)

- With Augustus as leader, Rome enjoyed prosperity and trade. The empire became more steady throughout the years when Augustus was ruler. New towns, improved roads, and a better army was the result of Augustus as leader.

** He died of old age.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a statesman, jurist, poet, historian, and general.

Julius Caesar was born on July 12, 100 BC. He had three wives and one secret lover (Cleopatra). Cleopatra and Julius were not allowed to get married because in Ancient Rome, marriage was only allowed between two Roman citizens.

Julius Caesar was not an emperor, but a dictator.

- Pompey did not intend to fight, but Julius pursued him to. Pompey escaped, but a year later, Julius defeated Pompey, gaining power.

- Plotters set out to kill Julius Caesar on July 15th, when he was heading to the Senate House. Brutus, one of his long time friends was also part of the plan. As he was entering the room, the men threw daggers at him, slowly killing him. His last words were "Et tu Brute" which means, " You too Brutus"


The previous emperor before Tiberius was Augustus. His father was Tiberius Nero and his mother was Livia Drusilla. He married Julia the Elder.

- Tiberius was cold and had a different manner. He was different and the only person that appreciated him was his mother.


As a child, Caligula's mother had been exiled and his 2 brothers executed. Caligula pretend as he was a god. He would make people kiss his feet and seduce their wives at dinner parties. He wanted to sacrifice an animal as a offering to god, but instead killed a priest who was standing nearby. In peoples minds, Caligula was cruel and mean. In 41 AD, he was murdered by four of his closest friends.

Claudius and Nero


Claudius rose to throne when Caligula was murdered. His physical apperance turned people off, thinking he wasn't a good leader. He had a vulgar appearance. He was a handicap when born, had a hard time speaking, and couldn't keep his balance. He would limp while walking and suffered severe stomach aches, which brought him to the brink of suicide.

- His family thought of Claudius as an embarrassment. No one in his family appreciated him.

* Claudius did make drastic changes to the Roman Empire. He made useful laws, built many buildings, and the tunnel from Lake Lucinus to the River Liris.

Claudius then married his niece Agrippina, who prevailed upon him to set aside his son Britannicus, and to adopt her own son Nero. Claudius became suspicious of the ambitions of his wife for Nero and she resolved to have Claudius killed. Locusta, a noted poisoner, was hired to prepare a dish of poisoned mushrooms, of which Claudius ate: but the poison not proving fatal, the physician Xenophon forced a larger quantity into his throat and Claudius died October 13, A.D. 54.


Nero reduced taxes and increased the authority of the Senate. Later on, in his ruling period, Nero became the most cruel. He always fought with his mother, and later murdered her in order to marry Poppaea. In order to kill his mother, he invited her to a boat ride, which fell to pieces when she entered it. Agripinna swam to shore, shocking Nero, but was assassinated by the orders of Nero.