Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's Room 8 Class

Obstacle-A-Thon Success

A special thank you to all P&C members, parent volunteers and donations for the Obstacle-a-thon. Held on Friday the students went around 3 different stations.

1. Running laps around the basketball court with music.

2. Participating in a Bluearth game of Mad Eagle in the undercover area.

3. Completing laps around the FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills) equipment.

At the end all participants were rewarded with a certificate, medal and icy-pole.

Drama Program

This term the year one classes have started a new Arts unit on drama. The students will be exploring movement using their whole body and expression to create a character. The drama topic is on the topic of outer space, come in and check out the display!

Cross Curriculum Priorities

On Fridays we will be continuing the cross curriculum project from last term. Mrs Parke will be teaching cooking, Mrs Jean-Louis will be teaching Australian, Aboriginal and Asian culture and I am starting a new unit on water and sustainability, looking at where water comes from, how we use it and how we can conserve it.

World Teachers Day

A special thank you for your wonderful gifts on Friday for World Teachers Day. Thank you parents the flowers and messages were very sweet and much appreciated.