World War ll

World War ll

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The fight was brutal

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People had to work together

Tom Connolly

Declared war on japan congress quickly passed it

Sailor Dorie Miller

Sailor Dorie Miller, like other African Americans, was assigned to a noncombat job. However, he went into action fighting the Japanese during their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor

Teams in The War

They included Great Britain, China, France, and, later, the Soviet Union. These were the allies.

Germany, Italy, And Japan had been the axis power.

Texas helping in WWll

Texas helped by being a training ground once again for the transportation that it had

Homefront for Texas

They were afraid from an attack either by air or by sea. Some people even practiced air raid drills so they would be prepared.

WWll ending

World War ll ended when the Allies killed Adolf hitler.

But after that Japan didn't surrender and said they never would so united states dropped two atomic bombs on two of their cities and wiped out a bunch of there people and then they finally gave up and surrendered.