Medi-Dose 3.0 Update

FRIDAY September 13, 2013

I feel we have enough users trained that we can now use Medi-Dose 3.0 exclusively.

  • If you have NOT been trained and need something unit dosed:
    • Please seek out one of the designated super users for training. Eventually we will begin to seek YOU out for training
    • Have someone who is trained do it and you can watch along.
    • If absolutely no one who is trained can do it, my recommendation is to send out the day’s in an amber vial with a Cerner label. Like we would do with HIV medications.

  • It is NO longer worth the effort to use the older system since we will eventually have to open them up and repackage.
  • Log Book is the same. No changes yet. Sticker in the binder and pharmacists signs.


  • Make sure you set your printer first! Medi-dose uses whichever printer that your windows default is set to.
  • Set the printer to COLOR 1st! Printer>>Properties>>Printing Preferences>>AUTO COLOR
  • Consider printing on a piece of paper on your first try to save sticker sheets.


Carol Damman

Phillip Le

John Sandoval

Karina Perez

Kathy Rhone

Melissa Apodaca

Sheena Blakenship

More to come...