Lee class project


Hawaiian archipelago,Diamond Head Crater, Kilauea volcano, Mauna volcano, Mauna Kea sea mountain, Haleakala volcano, Iao Needle rock spire, Waimea Canyon, Halawa valley, waterfalls, Mt. Lanaihale, Anahulu river, Wailua river, Lake Waiau, Pacific Ocean


Humid tropical, arid, semi-arid, sub-Arctic, wet, monsoon, dry, winter dry, summer dry, polar tundra, polar ice caps

Plants and animals

Natural resources

These are important to hawaii because they don't really export anything so these are needed for survival

Pineapples, papaya, sugarcane, coffee beans, coconuts, macadamia nuts, livestock, eggs, milk, onions, potatoes, tourism


The earliest settlers were Polynesian

Cook made the official discovery of the islands in 1778

Ruled by kings until 1819

In 1876 the United States started buying Hawaiian sugar, in exchange we got Pearl Harbor

Since then there have been off and on rebellions, revolts and revolutions

December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by The Empire of Japan


English, Hawaiian, Pidgin

Ethnic Groups

Asian, Pacific Islanders, Black, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Hispanic

Land Use

Agricultural, Conservation, Rural, Urban


Hawaiian Tradition, Christianity, Buddhism


Same as ours


Hula dance, Lua ( Marshal Art), chants


Chicken long rice, Kalua pig, Lomi salmon


Never liter, don't refer to the locals as outsiders of the United States, don't try to speak pidgin if your not fluent

Current issues

High cost of living, High population