Sumatran Rhino

Just another day in the wild

Sumatran rhino info

The color of the rhino is black at birth but eventually it grows up as and orange-brown.

Its wide and broad. Its scientific name is Dicerorhinussumatransis

Rhinos type

Kingdom : Animalia

Class : Mammalia

Order : Perissdactyla

Family : Rhinocerotidae

Listing status : Endangered

Threats of the Sumatran Rhino

People Poach for the rhinos, hunt for them. People also lose the rhinos habitat by reconstructing their environment.

Other interesting facts about the Sumatran Rhino

Its a herbivore, Its population is fewer than 200.

They are 2-horned and very hairy for a type of rhino.

Its wide and broad shouldered and body.

Solutions for The Endangered Sumatran Rhino

There is a team of vets called WWF. They do their best to protect the rhino habitat, Strengthen Anti-poaching efforts. They trade monitoring of rhino horns, and have awareness programs