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Month of October 2015

Boo! Isn't it spooky how fast those missed days add up?

"Myth-Conceptions" About Attendance

Myth: “It’s not how much school my child misses, it’s why they miss!”

Reality: The total amount of time out of classroom – for any reason including appointments, suspensions, health issues, and family activities – takes away from instructional achievement in TPS. Students who met the district's attendance target of 95% last year were much more likely to be at or above grade level.

Myth:“My child can miss a few days here and there, as long as they don’t miss a lot of days in a row.”

Reality: A child who misses just two days a month of school will have missed the equivalent of an entire MONTH of schooling by the end of the year. That's a lot of missed instructional time!

Myth: "I can't keep track of my child's attendance. I can barely remember last week!"

Reality: You don't have to. Download the PowerSchool mobile app or visit the parent portal at to view your child's attendance and grades whenever you want!

Attendance Resources

Academy Central is invested in our students. We want to see students and families succeed. Having difficulties getting your child to school? We are here to help! Contact your parent facilitator Name Here.

Want to read more about the impact of attendance in elementary school? Check it out!

Attendance Pays Off: Announcements and Reminders

Academy Central recognizes students for reaching their goals in attendance and achievement. Students who reach the attendance goal of 95% will receive special recognition from the principal! Stay tuned!

Christmas break is coming up. As a reminder, the last day of school for students before Winter Break is 12/23. We know families are booking their holiday travel now. Think before you book! Holidays are fun, but absences to visit grandma still mean missed instructional time!