Easter Term - Week Eight, 14 March - 18 March 2016.



18 March - Easter Term concludes

04 April - Summer Term commences

07 April - Grade Three Expedition Briefing. 7.30am, Elementary School Hall

21-22 April - Grade Three Expedition

02 May - Labour Day


It is really hard to believe that our second term in Grade Three has come to an end, and what a term it has been! Event highlights have included our exciting exploration of Bukit Batok Nature Park as part of our Rainforest unit, our inspiring House Unity Mufti Day, our colourful Chinese New Year Dress Up Day, our united Global Family Day Parade, along with the best ever Global Family Concert so far, a memorable Mathematics Week, and a very exciting (and exhausting) Sports Day.

Other high points included creating rainforests in our classrooms, working on mapping skills, studying Pourquoi Tales as well as writing our own original stories about 'how' things became the way they are, solving money challenges, comparing our lives to rainforest people, discovering products from the rainforest, participating in hands on measurement challenges, making smoothies and mock-tails, researching and recording animals, plants and people from rainforests, reading a range of play scripts, working collaboratively and independently to write plays, debating the pros and cons of deforestation, and having ACRES (Animals Concerns Research and Education Society) come and talk to us about how we can promote animal welfare.

We have also been doing plenty of other things like reading teacher selected and independently chosen books, writing stories during writer's workshop times, completing cursive handwriting activities, learning a range of new spelling words, and furthering our understanding about the mechanics of writing.

Phew, thank goodness we have a two week holiday to recharge our batteries so we are able to return energized for our third and final term in Grade Three.

Important Message about Home Learning

Please note, that you will be able to find all weekly home learning tasks on your child's VLE page starting the first week of the new term.

Please remind your child that they have their 'Save the Rainforest' poster due on Monday 04 April 2016.



Week Two of the Summer Term sees the beginning of our final IPC unit for the academic year. The unit is called 'Fashion - Popular Culture and we are going to need your help with resources and a fundraising Jumble Sale.

During the unit, we will be asking the children to bring in the following items:

  • A costume/ traditional clothes from home country for our Entry Point (required for Week 2)
  • Old or unwanted clothes that can be revamped, re-rejuvenated and re-used (required for Week 6).
  • Clothes that can be donated to a Grade 3 jumble sale to raise money for charity.
  • Pictures or photographs of family members (eg; grandparents or great grand parents), ideally showing fashion of that era.


Swimming begins again after Easter!

Please be reminded that with the exception of Grade 3KHa all classes will be continuing with their swimming programme after Easter. Classes will be focusing on stroke technique and speed as we prepare for our 2016 Swim Galas! Grade 3KHa will be having an express-swimming unit in the run-up to Gala week so that they can prepare - these dates will follow.

Please see below for a reminder of your classes swimming lesson times:

Grade 3 CTh – Monday – 8.20am – 9.20am

Grade 3 TCo – Thursday 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Grade 3 AGr – Friday – 8.20am – 9.20am

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Important Notice - PE Kit and School Uniform

On days that Grade Three students have their PE lessons, they come to school wearing their PE kit and can remain in their kit all day.

If your child is in a sports team, or in a CCA that requires them to wear their PE kit, on a non-PE lesson day, they wear their normal school uniform for the day and change into their PE kit at 3.00p.m.