The Last Song Comparison


The setting is very similar to the book and the movie. They both have lots of parts at the beach because the volleyball games happen there, the stores are there, the festival was there, and etc. Then they are at Will’s for two times on for Ronnie to meet his parents. The other one to have Ronnie meet Will’s sister Megan at her wedding. Lastly they are at the Church in the end because of Steve’s death.

The ways that the setting is different from the book and movie is. That in the book Will and Ronnie are at his house and swimming in his pool, and he is doing flips and she is scoring him. Next is when Ronnie and Will go to her house, so he can meet Jonah and Steve. Then the night after Will wanted to see the window in the workshop, he thought it was amazing and took a long period of time. Last is when Ronnie is at Bower’s Point once on the movie when she met Blaze. Then in the book she goes when she meets Blaze and then the night after when she meets Marcus and his buds.


The characters in the movie and the book are the same in many ways. First that Ronnie is still very stubborn, she still argues and has problems with people. Another similarity is when Jonah gets excited about how he gets to go see Steve for the summer. Lastly is when Steve dies because he dies when Ronnie is playing his song on the piano.

The characters are different from the book and the movie in many ways. One way was that Ronnie wasn't described enough in the book it didn't tell me she had brown or blonde hair or if she was tall or short. I needed to know more about her and her personality. Then when they told me about Will it sounded like he was a Richie rich, but he just was a normal person. Last Jonah was not explained very well it told me his age, and he was Ronnie's brother.

Plot Events

There are many ways that the book and the movie are similar through the plot. The first way it is similar is that Ronnie meets Blaze when she gets a soda spilt on her from Will when he was playing volleyball. That is when Ronnie and Will didn’t know each other. Then the whole time Jonah and Steve worked on the window because it had to be done soon and Jonah loved spending time with his dad. Next Ronnie goes to watch Will play his volleyball game. She sat next to Ashley and she told her all about Will and then Ronnie left and Will played like crap the rest of the game because Ronnie wasn’t their. Lastly is when Scott and Will did not tell anyone that they burned down the Church until the very end.

The ways that the plot events are different are in a few ways. In the book Ronnie works for the aquarium to pay off a lawyer for court in a few weeks for, “stealing,” CD’s. In the book again Steve found the turtle nest not Ronnie, but Ronnie discovered it in the movie because she saw raccoons and then investigated the area. Next Steve talks to God in the book, but not in the movie. He talked to him as a very good friend and that you hear him in your heart. Last is when Ronnie got soda spilt on her in the book and then a milkshake spilt on her in the movie. She got it on her shirt because Will went for the volleyball and he pushed Ronnie by accident, but they didn’t know each other at the time.


The ways that the Resolution are the same in the book and the movie. Steve died of the cancer he had in his lungs while Ronnie was playing the piano. Next is when they have Steve’s funeral at the Church and they have up his window that Jonah, Ronnie, and Will finished. Now Ronnie is going to Juilliard to keep her piano playing going. Will is transferring to Columbia from Vanderbilt to stay close to Ronnie, so they can keep their relationship going.

The resolution has many differences between the book and the movie. One is that Ronnie talks to Will’s parents before her dad’s funeral because they felt very bad for her, because they lost their son at the age of 5, and it was hard on them. Also in the book Ronnie and Jonah were hugging and being affectionate to each other because they just lost their dad. Then Ronnie saw Will and she talked to him and she cried on his shoulder for a long time. Then he gave her a bracelet it meant, “In memory of you,” he had one for his little brother. Lastly Ronnie and Will were separated for a few weeks while he finished in Vanderbilt and can to Columbia for college to be closer to Ronnie.

In conclusion I would recommend this book to anyone and I give it 4 and a half stars.