Cows to Footballs

By:Jordan Mccaffrey


have you ever played with a football. And wondered wear it comes from .or wear they mack it. Will rede more to find out about footballs.And wear they come from.


so fist at the farm get the Luther from the cows.Then they get cow hod.Then they ship it to the factory.


So first they cut in the cow hod into a football shape .Then a spinning machine beans the football skin .Then they trim the pesos that are crumbles.Then they stitch football or nit the 2 sides to gather to the foot ball.


So fist the football is sent to the store. for the people to buy it and have fun with it.And have fun with it

Fun Facts

Green bay was the fist team to win a game.

A football can not way over 51 ounces.


now you now that you can have fun every day